Yukon brewing to launch two brewers Yukon single malt whisky

YUKON WHISKY CLASSIC cropAward Wining Brewery, Yukon Brewing will be launch-ing their first foray into whisky, on February 13, 2016 in Whitehorse Yukon.

“A vibrant, complex nose of oak with malt depth frames the rich, layered fruit and honey body of this Premium Charter release,” states distiller Alan Hansen. “We have created a wide assortment of malts by varying mashes and barreling techniques, and this first release will showcase the quality single malt product we can produce.”

There will be 850 individually numbered bottles available of this Charter Release. Commemorative Tickets will be issued with each bottle on the Release date – initialed and numbered on-site by proprietors Bob Baxter and Alan Hansen.

The premise of the Two Brewers line of single malt whiskies is that every release will be unique. From the array of aged malts they have created, they will release expressions broadly grouped into four categories, Classic, Peated, Special Finishes, and Innovative. Hansen reveals,

“Our brewing knowledge in mashing and fermentation, and our growing understanding of barreling techniques and effects, allows us to bring a wide variety of character to the malts we are creating.”

The Charter Release will be available only from Yukon Brewing’s retail location. Two Brewers Release 02, a Special Finish expression, will be the first Two Brewers Yukon Single Malt Whisky to be released in select locations in Alberta.

Release 01 Tasting Notes

A complex, bright nose with fresh melons, honey and cream overlay deeper malt tones mingled with sumptuous oak character. A bright, clean entry unfolds into fireweed honey, cinnamon and stone fruit, and a gentle flourish of spice and cedar lingers nicely.

About the House of the two Brewers 

Yukon Brewing was formed by Bob Baxter and Alan Hansen in 1997; the result of a canoe trip conversation taken well beyond the campfire. After years of building a successful local craft brewery, they decided to expand into spirits and in 2009 invested in a small pot still. Hence came the birth of Two Brewers Yukon Single Malt Whisky; made in small batches, with a variety of malted and roasted grains, using different fermentation techniques and a mix of barrels. The goal is that no two releases will be the same, so that as each expression emerges, it is layered and complex and probably never to be repeated.

Source: yukonbeer.com



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