Yaguara Ouro Cachaça Twitter Tasting

Yaguara Ouro Cachaça

Yaguara Ouro Cachaça

This online twittertasting was another discovery than any other. The discovery of Cachaça. Cachaça is an unique organic Brazilian product. Yaguara Ouro Cachaça is a product of 5 generations of family passion and dedication. A family brand, good for 120 years in the making. This is the first time they are introducing an aged cachaça to EU.

But what is the definition of Cachaça? We received a pocketbook / journal where the following was described;

‘The typical and unique designation for the sugarcane liquour produced in Brazil, with an alcohol content of 38-48 volume percent, at twenty degrees Celcius, obtained by the distillation of the fermented juice of the sugarcane’

This evening we got a chance to try Yaguara Ouro and the three important blend components for this product, American oak, Cabreúva and Amburana. Let’s not forget Rabo de Galo, a lovely cocktail that came in the box as well. A cocktail you could definitely drink on the rocks, cool at least. So this little beauty, was keeping the salad company in the fridge, just hanging out.

American Oak (42%)

  • Color: Russet muscat
  • Nose: Peach, grassy, cinnamon roles, vinegar, plum, rose, hints of pepper and ginger
  • Taste: Peppery, sweetness, lemon. Like rolling in a field full of fruit and toffee
  • Finish: Lovely smooth

Cabreúva; Cab-rey-ooj-vah (44%)

  • Color: White wine
  • Nose: Sherry, passionfruit, yeast and green apples,antique wax, lovely
  • Taste: Vinegar, lemon, smooth, buttery, peach and a milky finish.
  • Finish: lovely

Amburana; Am-burr-ah-nah (38%)

  • Color: Pale straw
  • Nose: Elder flower, vanilla, sweetness but also hints of passionfruit and a complexity of fennel
  • Taste: Sticky, warm, vanilla, cinnamon, passionfruit and it has some kind of toffee effect
  • Finish: Warm and lingering

Yaguara Ouro Cachaça (42%)

  • Color: Pale straw
  • Nose: Well balanced on the nose, vanilla, passionfruit, mellow and smooth
  • Taste: Warm, passionfruit, vanilla, oak, ginger, honey
  • Finish: Tingling and warm

Rabo de Galo Cocktail

  • Color: Pale golden
  • Nose: Sticky, flowers, honey, basil, elderflowers, olives and small hint of mushrooms
  • Taste: Sticky, flowers, toffee, honey, syrup,
  • Finish: Colourful and surprising

Ouro is indeed a lovely drink for sipping neat, but also an extremely funky liquid to play with cocktails. When you have a chance, please grab this opportunity with both hands. This is a colourful experience with a lot of expression

If you like to see what others were thinking go to Twitter and read all about this enjoyable and colourful evening.

Thank you The Floating Rum Shack for being an excellent host.



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