Woods Navy Rum

Woods Navy Rum

Woods Navy Rum

A fantastic Twitter tasting run through of Woods, the individual blends that make the rum, some geeky chat and of course some Rococo Chocolates,these delicious chocolates will further enhance our tasting experience. And I love chocolate.

Now, I had some rum before, but this was a tasting I was looking forward to. particularly, the percentage of one, 92.9% We received a warning that water was needed …

Lucky for us a spreadsheet was made, so there was a quideline for the water, that could be added to the rum.

This evening we were joined by joined by Rum Development Specialist, Stephen Rutherford of William Grant & Sons. Stephen, steps in the past and tells us about Woods.

In a nutshell:

Woods has been around since 1887 and was first created in the docks at Liverpool. Back then it was a company called The Woods Trading Co. who had ships coming in from all over the world. They had barrels of rum coming in on their ships and they seized an opportunity. A trade agreement was set up to import 3 different marques of rum and Woods was born. Woods is unchanged and sticking to their traditions is a key part of what they do. They are a traditional Navy style rum, a Demerara rum, a Navy strength rum and a Dark rum.

For the time being their sole focus is on Woods Old Navy Rum. But they also got the urge to be entrepreneurial and experimental, with fantastic result.

Woods REV Rum (69,7%)

  • Color: Red Wood
  • Nose: Sultana’s, prunes, vanilla, nuts, chocolate, honey, citrus and caramel candy
  • Taste: Caramel, sultana’s, honey, peach, red apple.
  • Finish: Lovely spicy and warm

(Blend component REV – year 2008,  the main ‘kick ass’ component of the blend.)

Woods SV Rum (82,5%)

  • Color: Mahogany
  • Nose: Creamy, spicy, peach, pencil shavings, chocolate, sultana’s, oranges
  • Taste: Spicy, cream, tropical, coconut, chocolate, citrus, lemon.
  • Finish: Soft and tingling

(Blend component SV – year 2014)

Woods SVW (92,9%)

  • Color: Red Wood
  • Nose:  Caramel overload, peach. Lovely warm and tobacco leafs and hints of oranges
  • Taste: Lovely, but strong, caramel, peach, oranges and hints of salt and pepper
  • Finish: Strong, but with the water, lovely

(Blend component SVW – year 2013 and 50% water, the SVW is the largest part of their blend and really provides the platform for Woods’ style)

Woods Navy Rum (57%)

  • Color: Pecan
  • Nose: Toffee, pepper, cinnamon, complexity of citrus, vanilla and hints of orange, chocolate, nuts and caramel
  • Taste: Chocolate, warm, vanilla, apples, cherry, ginger, very lovely. And with water it opens up, fresher
  • Finish: Dark, smooth

Conclusion, Woods makesfantastic rum. And yes water was needed, for all of them, one more than the other. When you have a chance to have a go, grab it. Oh, before I forget, the abbreviations are internal names so they know which stills they come from. SV, SVW, being Savalle and REV being Versaille.

If you like to see what others were thinking go to Twitter and read all about this incredible evening.

Thank you The Floating Rum Shack.



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