Part 1: William James “Bill” Murray, My Hero!

Part 1.

Bill Murray has been one of my favorite actors since ….. for ever.  I can’t really explain why, but for some reason Bill has some magnetic field around him that pulls me right to him. Admitting that I haven’t seen every movie he has a role in, I’m curious about the man who pops up at occasions, everywhere, like a hero, on weddings, ice-cream shops, etcetera. Bill is himself and loves to surprise others with his appearance. (I don’t know him personal, but I will call him Bill from now on, saves space in the text).

Bill is an icon, people just love him, and as an admirer of his work and as a whisky writer I’m wondering for a long, long time;

What whisky would Bill prefer on a night off?

I think, and correct me if you think I’m wrong, Bill likes to drink whisky surrounded with good friends, with close family or alone with a fabulous view over mountains or a lake, somewhere in Scandinavia or Canada. Whiskystraight from the bottle, pure, no ice, no water. But what whisky would this be, or maybe he prefers whiskey. Bill performed in an advertisement of Suntory, the Japanese whiskey.

That leads to the following: when you have opened the newspaper recently, you couldn’t miss it. It seems that the Japanese whiskey is better than Scottish whisky. Bill is American, so I wonder what he thinks about this news, would he prefer Japanese or does he finds the whisky from Scotland more appealing?

I (personally) love whisky with a spicy bite, I hope Bill loves whisky with a spicy touch as well … even with his soft heart. Would he choose for a nice glass of Laphroaig, The Glenlivet, Hibiki or maybe Frysk Hynder? And from what glass would he be drinking, will this be a regular Glencairn or a Neat?. Perhaps he is just as happy to drink the golden liquid from a normal glass that he uses for orange juice.

Really, I adore Bill. He is just being him, enjoys life and has a beautiful appearance around him, an appearance that you just have to adore. I secretly love him, like many others with me, not just me, but thousands, maybe even millions. Just how he is.

Even I don’t know Bill, I would like to meet him, even when it’s in silence enjoying a whisky / whiskey together, in a minute or in a second,  that meeting would do it for me and makes my day! No matter if I will meet him, the stories that pops up once in a while about him will make my day …. anyway.

Quote from The Talks :

“People say they can’t find me. Well, if you can write a good script, that’s a lot harder than finding someone. It’s much harder to write a good screenplay than to find someone, so you can find someone. I don’t worry about it; it’s not my problem. My problem is having a little peace and quiet. So they need to find me, that’s really their issue. I am not taking ads out or anything, standing on the street corner”

For now ,William James “Bill” Murray’, Sláinte ! Enjoy the weekend & enjoy life the fullest!



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