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10868241_10205203257310639_2595577478572157717_nA special twitter tasting of Royal Salute, the ultimate luxury Scotch whisky, produced by Chivas Brothers.

We used the hashtag #RoyalsaluteTT this evening.

This evening we are starting with the expression Royal Salute 21year old 40%, which was created to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.  On 2nd June 1953, Queen Elizabeth II was crowned at Westminster Abbey, watched by the world for the first time on TV.  Five hundred miles from London, Charles Julian, who was the Master Blender at Chivas Brothers, set out to honor the new monarch by creating the ultimate blended Scotch whisky. Drawing from the exceptionally aged range of casks laid down over the years by Chivas Brothers in the Highlands of Scotland…Charles skillfully married the powerful flavors of whiskies aged no less than 21 years to craft a blend fit for royalty.He would name this new whiskey:

Royal Salute 21 YO bottle shot sapphireRoyal Salute 21 Years Old

  • Color: Light amber
  • Nose: Fresh apples, chopped pears, very very fruity, pudding, syrup, very spicy and a complexity of mint leafs, soft.
  • Taste: Sticky, oily, warm, smooth, fresh fruit, nutty, hints of floral or sweet aromas, The fruit comes forward. Smashed apples and peers, evenly balanced, smoke, spice and sweet
  • Finish: short, but lovely smooth


The 2nd this evening, the Diamond Tribute, 21 Years Old 40%. Their whiskies have all been matured for more than 21 years, which means they have an unmatched intensity.

In June 1953 the very first batch of Royal Salute was bottled to commemorate the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, blended a new whisky to commemorate the occasion:

Royal Salute Diamond TributeThe Diamond Tribute, 21 Years Old

  • Color: Amber golden
  • Nose: The fruitiness, sweetness, apples and peers, now layers of caramel. Spicy hints, salty, peachy with squeeze lemon, chocolate and toffee
  • Taste: Warm, tingling, lovely balanced. The toffee sweetness, chocolate,  nuttiness, red fruit, cherry and soft oranges.
  • Finish: Bit dry, but warm and medium.

Next! We have Royal Salute 38Years Old Stone of Destiny 49%, named after the Coronation stone of the ancient Scottish Kings. Crafted from whiskies aged for no less than 38 years, this unique blend shares its name with the:

Royal Salute 38 YO Stone of DestinyRoyal Salute 38 Years Old Stone of Destiny

  • Color: Blond gold
  • Nose: Coconut, nuts, a bit tropical complexity, including a bit salty, ginger, salad with fresh mint leafs, Oranges, lemon. Love the magical complexity in this. Where is Merlin when you need him
  • Taste: Softer, spicy hints, that give the tongue some movement, they weren’t prepared for. Caramel, chocolate, tropical fruits, summer fruit. Complex with marzipan and tobacco.
  • Finish: Warm, tingling and medium

And the best for last, as they say. Royal Salute  62 Gun Salute 43%, Royal available from @WhiskyExchange. Royal Salute 62 Gun Salute, is named after the ultimate ceremonial honor in the British tradition. 62 Gun Salute because it delivers everything and more, a signature blend embodying Power & Grace.

Royal Salute 62 Gun SaluteRoyal Salute 62 Gun Salute

  • Color: Lovely golden
  • Nose:  Soft on the nose, fruity, toffee, forest, forest, sugarish,  ginger, black fruit, complexity of salt and spiciness. Pineapple, a leaf that has been whet from rain in springtime, White chocolate with cinnamon.
  • Taste: pines, tropical, nutty, orange mixed with lemon, complexity of lovely sherry, a bit of smoke, not heavy, but just right. orangecake, lemoncake and green apple topping ..
  • Finish: lovely warm and medium

And what I liked most?  Love the 38 yr Stone of Destiny the best this evening.

Thank you Steve from @TheWhiskyWire and Colin from Royal Salute for this evening and the information about Royal Salute!



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