Whisky Girl has now been kind enough to write two articles for Whiskyboden so now it’s time for us to write something in her blog and it’s something we like to do!

Whiskyboden is a Swedish blog, we developed just over a year ago by us, Peter &Tommy, after an idea we had during a night at our regular workplace. Six months earlier we had, together with good friends, started a whisky club after we found out that we were a bunch of men who liked whisky a bit more than usual.

The two of us could not get enough; we wanted to know more, taste more and discover more and to start a blog to increase our interest and knowledge of whisky. Imagine that the topic of whisky could be so big, we had no idea, it’s almost endless. Now we think we have a really good foundation and we can focus on the parts we like best and we complement each other really well. The next step for us in our search after the best whisky is to go out into the big world and discover our own favorite spots.

Only a year ago we did not know much more about whisky than what we could buy at Systembolaget (Swedish liquor store) and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We think we have succeeded in identifying the Swedish whisky culture with our own distilleries, own imports and independent bottlers. So now it´s time for us to travel around the world a bit. We shall in our next article tell you about our own Swedish whisky, because it´s not so famous around the world that we in Sweden have 10 national distilleries. Mackmyra is well known today for most people but soon you should be able to read about the others as well. So until then, have a great time and some good whisky’s.

Written by Peter & Tommy (whiskyboden.blogspot.se) September 2012



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