Besides the blind Twitter & Facebook Whisky Tastings, Whisky Girl will also organize tastings on location. A good reason to open a website for this expansion. Whiskyavontuur is born.

Whiskyavontuur is a website where you can sign up for coming Whisky Tasting Events. The next Whisky Tasting Event:

Ierland in een glasTranslated: Irish Whiskey Tasting, Ireland in a glass. This evening I’m taking the participants on a journey through Ireland. 4 Exclusive whiskies will be in the center this evening, accompanied with some very delicious appetizers. The taste buds are put to work, and your tongue will be stimulated by different flavor and aroma variations…

Jankobus Seunnenga will ensure the atmospheric musical accompaniment, for this evening. He is a musical word artist and has played i.a. at Lowlands and Noorderslag.

The adventure is being held in an Irish Pub, Paddy O’Ryan in Leeuwarden. Paddy O’Ryan is a fantastic location for a Whiskey Tasting!

At the end of Ireland in a glass, no one is leaving empty handed ….



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