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Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 10.56.01 AMA post in honor of International Women of Whisky Day, May 3. Women over the world answered questions I’ve send them. And today it’s ready for spreading.  

I can’t post everything, that would be to much. 

This means it will be a short serie about Whisky Women with lovely quotations.

I’d like to thank the ladies who were brave enough to throw themselves at my questions. Now it’s time to revile the answers one step at the time. The ladies have different age variations, some in their 20’s, 30’s and even 50’s.  Ladies represented from Canada, United States, Netherlands, Scotland etc .. There will be no names in these posts.

Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival chairman James Campbell hopes that whisky drinkers will mark the day no matter where they are in the world. Mr Campbell adds, “The perception of whisky being a man’s drink has been completely altered over the past decade – it’s now estimated that nearly one-third of whisky drinkers in the UK alone are female.”

I’ve met James Campbell last year. A fabulous man with a fantastic appearance and passionate. He’s right about the perception of whisky being a man’s drink, that has been completely altered over the past decade. Women in the whisky world are upcoming, no doubt about that.

Let’s start with the series. I’ve chosen a few quotations per question. Enjoy!

What’s your relation with whisky?

> It is a passion full of love and tenderness.
> Close relations ~ nearly family!
> It’s a new love affair.
> Every whisky has a different character, love to experience all the fantastic flavours.
> I co-run a whisky website, I get to interview lots of great people, taste some fantastic whisky, review and attend some amazing events and best of all get to know the #whiskyfabric better.
> I fell in love with scotch and how varied it can taste many years ago. I continue to try as many new single malts as possible. Will be traveling to Scotland in late May on a Whisky tour. And to pick up a few more bottles we can’t get here.

Describe yourself in 5 words

> Colorful, enthusiastic, direct, warm, opinioned.
> Organised, wild, poetic, healthy, tipsy.
> Goofy, Inquisitive, Loving, Sarcastic, Independent.
> Romantic, life-loving, joyful, curious, reflective.
> Fun, Dependable, Sarcastic, Caring and Tenacious.
> Fun, adventurous, bold, dependable, creative.

Whisky & Women, still a strange combination for a lot of people. What are your feelings about this?

> I never do things like the other (or the fit in) so I guess this is just one more thing. I also think it’s fantastic to see the reactions when I order whisky. They are usually impressed (like seeing a child remove the little wheels from their bicycle) or a bit disgusted (they really can’t understand why anyone would drink something so strong).
> If people think it strange it tells us more about them……
> Whatever! Barriers were made to be broken.
> Not strange at all.  Women in general have a very sophisticated sense of smell and taste, and whiskies are very complex concoctions / liquids. Fits perfectly together
> I think this is starting to change, at least I hope that it is. Personally I feel that there will always be some people that have a very narrow minded view on things, and there are, and probably still will, be people out there who think that whisky is a man’s world. Sadly there are women out there who will also think this. But as time goes on and more women become passionate and knowledgeable about whisky, this will lessen.
> I think it defines the woman who doesn’t follow the beaten path and isnt afraid of doing her own thing.

Why the passion for whisky and why not beer?

> Because of the warmth. No beer can make you feel utterly relaxed after 1 sip.
> What’s beer?
> Beer is that family member you know and love but Whisky is a deep, passionate love affair.
> Love beer as well, but mostly for simple enjoyment. J Whisky is much more deeper and touches me on a different level.
> I am partial to the odd lager, but in terms of real ale I personally am not a fan of these, which is probably the reason I don’t have any particular knowledge or interest in this area.
> Couple of reasons: I like the quick satisfaction of a strong drink with fewer calories and less filling than beer.

What are your feelings with the image about the combination whisky & women, do you have positive feelings, negative or both about the “stereotype” that has been created.

> I can’t say I really know what the stereotypes can be about women drinking whisky in general but I can say that it is usually considered very sexy here. So I feel great about it.
> I am unaware a stereotype has been created.
> Stereotypes are just stereotypes and I think anyone with half a brain doesn’t put any value into them. I see women at whisky tastings all the time and I don’t think there is much of a barrier anymore. At the most recent one, the representative from Arran Distillery was a woman and no one batted an eye. She was fantastic! The guy from Kilchoman Distillery stopped and talked to me for a bit because we’re planning a trip to Scotland in the fall. He said to be sure to visit Islay and check out all the distilleries – and to visit them especially. I think the barrier is more in our heads sometimes than reality.
> Just normal for me, its not any different than enjoying whisky together with my male whisky connoisseurs.
> As I am still relatively new to the whisky industry I hadn’t really thought about it. I had, of course, noticed that a lot of whisky festivals or tastings were primarily attended by men but that was it. That was until the Dewar’s “Meet the Baron” advert came to light. I was completely horrified by that, it was just so degrading! I just couldn’t sit back and say nothing at all. It was great to see the campaign that Johanne ran and even better when Dewar’s finally took the video down. The good that came out of that, was that it was easy to see just how many people were offended by that advert, there were plenty of men and woman that hated that campaign and were involved in its removal.
> I don’t know a lot of women who like whisky, but from my experience, my male friends respect me for not only my enjoyment of whisky, but also my knowledge base, so my experience has been positive.

Over the years, women are visiting Whisky Tastings & Festivals more often, but they don’t always feel comfortable being there. What is your golden tip for these women?

> Just relax! Never experienced any strange encounter at a festival or tasting. It’s so much fun.
> Just normal for me, its not any different than enjoying whisky together with my male whisky connoisseurs.
> Keep going!
> When I first started drinking Scotch, I didn’t know anything about it. But I started learning more and then I started asking questions. Most people are helpful when it comes to learning. If you’re new – ask questions. If you’re seasoned – enjoy yourself – that’s all that matters. Take a friend if you don’t want to go it alone.
> I have to say, get out there and enjoy the event, talk to people, engage with the distilleries and the stands, learn what you can, try as much as you would like and be confident. Whisky Festivals and Tastings are all about whisky and enjoyment, people that attend these events will all be at different points of their whisky journey, so make friends, share information and thoughts and have fun.
> Be open minded to the experience. You may find that the men will respect you more for being bold and outgoing.

 If you’d like to respond, it’s ok, not matter you’re male or female.Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 9.55.37 AM



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