Strong International Whisky Women 2

eccb274c8b05cf1effebbd13b4bc7ed534270_mediumThis is the 2nd part of the Strong International Whisky Women.

Different questions are answered in this second part.  If you missed the 1st part (what is a fabulous read) It’s just one mouse click away.

Strong Whisky Women, it’s impossible to imagine the world nowadays without the lovely whisky ladies.

What is your favorite whisky and why?

> Oban 14 ans because I was baptized in the whisky world by it and because, to this day, I still love the fact that it is the most balance whisky on your taste buds. All road leads to Rome and all tastes can be noticed from comparing to Oban 14 ans.
> A peaty, salty one ~ the whisky of my life, of Islay.
> Currently – Aberlour 16 year – it’s sweet, spicy and smoky – like a smoked chocolate chai. Just so smooth and flavorful.
> Longmorn, because of its refined / elegant complexity (mindfuck) and second Port Charlotte, because of its beasty sex appeal (different fuck 😀 )
> This is so very tricky, this can change depending on what mood I’m in. I have a favourite style though and this is usually peated and preferably Islay as I like the strong, smoky, tangible texture of a good Islay malt, and it takes me back to being there.

What’s your favorite place to enjoy your favorite whisky?

> At home. No doubt about that.
> Outside at a beach, beside a fire, on the top of a hill.
> Usually with my boyfriend at his house in his comfy recliners. Whiskey/Scotch tasting is one of the things that brought us together.
> Anywhere.
> Somewhere with good company and hopefully a great view.

Would you like to share one of your whisky stories?

> Nothing precise comes to mind.
> Yes, but I will tell you over a dram when you come to Islay
> I was 19 or 20 when I first tried Jack Daniels. Being new to drinking I had no idea how to drink it. So here I have a shot of Jack Daniels and a can of coke. I filled the shot with as much coke as I could, sipped, and filled more coke in the glass until it was gone. When I looked at my friends, they were watching me with open mouths. I had never taken a shot before … complete failure as a rookie. But a very good laugh.
> Oh well, there are too many ..
> My first trip to Islay, everything about it was just so wonderful, the trip on the ferry, seeing the distilleries from the sea, driving round the Island, visiting distilleries, the stunning views, it was everything I thought it would be and more. Truly magical!

What would your life look like, without the pleasure of whisky?

> I would not have made the wonderful friends found in my whisky club & groups. I would not be on hosting to my third whisky event. I would probably have much more money as my personal collection is getting out of hand in the most wonderful way (why new shoes when I can get a new bottle? – so maybe better dressed too…)
> Not such fun!
> Without? I’d definitely have more money but I truly enjoy whisky and Scotch tastings so it would be a little duller for sure.
> Cannot imagine.
> Well, as I become more and more involved in whisky, particularly with the website, it’s very hard to imagine life without it. I live it, work with it, I celebrate with it, I commiserate with it, I gift it and enjoy it on almost a daily basis.

Some men are confused when a women drinks whisky. What is your answer when a man tells you; Whisky is on this world just for men, women shouldn’t drink whisky.

> I would laugh really loudly and probably give the poor guy a hug as the years to come will be very hard for him.
> I have never heard anyone say that. It was said in the past.
> I’ve NEVER had any guy say this to me and should any poor chap say something of the sort to me, I’m sure I’d retort with some sarcastic and to the effect he’s in the wrong era to be telling me what I can or can’t do.
> ””So what?”
> Luckily I’ve never heard this, most of the men I know, although they may be surprised that I drink whisky and enjoy it so much accept it for what it is. If someone was to tell me that, I would politely point out that men and women are entitled to drink whatever they so choose, and everyone has different tastes, and that’s what makes the world so interesting.

Thank you so much, the women who answered the questions for me.  Still got something in the pocket, that will be published when the time is ripe. Thank you xx

If you’d like to respond, it’s ok, not matter you’re male or female.Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 9.55.37 AM



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