Top 5 Whisky Christmas Gifts 2016

christmastop5Any time of the year has its own type of whisky. Let this be summer, winter, autumn or spring. But it is already December and Santa is almost ringing your doorbell. You probably decorated the Christmas tree and the door with a Christmas wreath already. Yes, we are counting the days.

In December, there are always a couple of whiskies that have a bit of extra flair for this time of year. A summer whisky in December, yes, everything is possible. I was sniffing around, online and in stores to find my perfect whisky for Christmas and New Years Eve.

It was hard, it really was, While searching, I thought by myself, why not making a list of 5 top whiskies from 5 different countries and affordable to purchase. The list can be though, for these 5 whiskies are not glued on their spot.

Maybe you see a whisky on the list you already know, but maybe you are triggered to try something new and exciting. Whiskies, all earning a spot under your Christmas tree, completely with balls and bells. Perfectly wrapped in fabulous paper with a print of a reindeer with a beanie, tied up with red and green ribbons.

1. Kavalan Concertmaster Port Finish – Taiwan (40%)

This is a single malt whisky from Taiwan, whisky matured in Portuguese port barrels. A little gem with fine robust tones, unique for whisky enthusiasts.

Let your nose deliver you a lot of fresh fruit, sweetness, chocolate and coconut juice. When your lips are touching the whisky, you can taste the richness of the tropics, chopped chocolate, oak, fruit, anise and sultanas.

2. Paul John Peated Select Cask – India (55.5%)

Paul John Peated Select cask is an Indian single malt whisky. This whisky has some lovely notes of fresh cocoa, hints of peat, warm fruits and tea biscuits soaked in apple tea.

The palate delivers a smoky, nutty, warm sugar rush that makes this whisky very attractive for those with an eye for a good catch.

3. Laphroaig PX Cask Triple Matured – Scotland (48%)

Intense tones that gives you shivers all over your body. On the nose you will find a lot of sweet sherry, peat, raisins and hint of sweet but pure liquorice.

When this touches your lips and tongue, get ready for a true flavour explosion, Bam. This Laphroaig is a very special rich flavoured and unique whisky.

4. Mackmyra Sweden Rock Vildhallon 15 Years – Sweden (40%)

This is a whisky that will rock your soul for sure. The nose brings you a pleasure of smokiness, aroma’s of citrusfruit, sweet dark berries, pears and fresh picked raspberries, anise and a wood complex.

The palate brings you a slighty oak flavour with sweet soft berries and a slight hint of tobacco, vanilla, caramel, pear and citrus well balance with a spicy edge.

5. Kornog Taouarc’h Trived – France (46%)

This French whisky from Glann ar Mor Distillery, is a peated whisky, aged in bourbon barrels. The smell is lovely with fruity aromas of flambéed bananas, hints of spiciness and polished leather.

Surprising is the palate, sweet with moments of warm marmalade, complexity of different kind of fruits, grapes, light tones of oak and spicy notes of peat. The finish is long, lovely and strong.

I’ve made my choice. When you are a wee bit curious, keep watching me. When it is Christmas, I will show the world, my perfect whisky for Christmas and New Years Eve


Share me yours, I am curious if we think alike or completely the opposite.



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