Whiskey in a teacup, pinky up

IMG_20150215_202932 (1)While surfing the internet I came across a simple print with the text “She’s whiskey in a teacup“.
Two lovely and fabulous ladies who I’ve met on Twitter:  and , are very familiar with drinking whiskey from a teacup…

When you are searching on the internet for the combination teacups and whiskey,  you’ll find so many different pictures with this very same quote. It’s art, nowadays. So creative. So, as curious I am, I found exactly one teacup in the cupboard, that would be perfect to drink whiskey from, the 1st time. Truly a feminine teacup.

When I think of the sentence: “She’s whiskey in a teacup”, I think about a women, lovely, sweet, delicate and innocent on the outside, but stylish, tough, independent, confident, aware of herself and wild on the inside. That’s got to be it. Maybe you have a different view.

For my 1st time “drinking whiskey from a teacup” I’ve picked a Redbreast, so it is, women have breasts.

RedBreast 12yr goes in a teacup ….

A teacup is a luxury drinking object, often adorned with beautiful patterns or figures, like the one I have with lovely flowers. Teacups are almost always accompanied by a matching saucer, so did mine. The drinking is a bit different, when you think of the other glasses I used to drink from. Now it was, with the pinky up and slurping. It’s definitely an experience, a wacky one. One that I’d like to experience more often, but with other cups with different shapes and prints. Oh my is this a new addiction … ?

Follow the link and read what I thought before and what I’m still thinking of Redbreast 12 yr, still a 9 out of 10.

A big breasted whiskey and this bird looks even better drinking from a teacup

with the pinky up …



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