Which whisky is a “must have tasted” this one in a lifetime ….

I had a lot of response, that I’ve dicided to make a top 5 of both ways. A top 5 of all the responses I got from you….

I’ve made a top 5  of the ones that you must have tasted ones in a lifetime.

  1. Yamazaki 1984 Vintage Malt
  2. 30 yr MacDuff
  3. Glenglassaugh 26, 37 and 45 year olds.
  4. Glenlivet Nadurra
  5. Port Charlotte 5 yo

And a top 5 of the ones that you wouldn’t recommend to others

  1. Jack Daniels
  2. Johnny Walker Red Label
  3. Black Velvet Canadian Whiskey
  4. Loch Lomond
  5. Frysk Hinder
Now.. I’d love to know … Do you agree with this top 5?

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18 thoughts on “Which whisky is a “must have tasted” this one in a lifetime ….

  1. Karuizawa ‘Noh’ 1976, 32 yo, 63.0%ABV, cask #6719. The first Japanese malt that really massively impressed me and opened my eyes to the very high quality of whisky attained by Japanese distilleries…

  2. Glenlivet Nadurra, preferrable batch 0407C! 59,7% cask strength, non-chill filtered. One of my favorite whiskies of all time 🙂

  3. It’s easy to say 5 whiskies you should try or 5 you should never recommend BUT I think it’s important you say why? I might really dislike Jack Daniels but I will tell you it’s because I really don’t like any whiskies that are sour mash. So tell us Femke, why would you recommend or not recommend these whiskies?

    • This isn’t my choice… This is the choice of the public! I had a lot of responses through mail, here, Twitter and Facebook. One of 10 told me why .. These whiskies made the top 5, cause of the most Thumbs up… or down!

      I might make my own top 5 both ways … 🙂

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