Where I love to drink my Whisky

Does the perfect place exist to drink a glass of whisky? What is the perfect place for you to have a dram? Is this in your own home, the bar around the corner with the beautiful bartender or is this at your friends place who has the new PlayStation and a Chesterfield couch?

I do love to drink my whisky at home, my comfort zone, but I can imagine everyone has his or her favorite place to raise a glass. In my spare time, you can find me outside most of the time. Walking, wandering and thinking, I love being outside in the fresh air, call it meditation if you like.

Seeing the animals in the wild, birds who are getting ready for the new season and nature that is changing all the time, can’t have enough. In 2013 I had an amazing experience during The Spirit of Speyside whiskyfestival, canoeing over the river Spey. The guide, David brought whisky with him, for us to enjoy during a break. Enjoying a good glass of whisky in the middle of nature is just perfect. Especially when you have canoed a lot of miles. An inspiration to enjoy whisky more outdoors.

Noarderleech, Fryslân

I live nearby the Noarderleech, a nature reserve in Friesland in the northern of the Netherlands. A must see when you are in these surroundings. This nature reserve is a fabulous place to sit down and have a dram while watching the stretched area.

When I walk, I spot a lot of areas that would be a perfect place to enjoy a good whisky while enjoying the view. As you might know, the best conversations arise during a long walk. And when you have a wee dram, during a break, imagine what might happen, magic.

Recently I went to Schiermonnikoog, a national park (island), also in the northern part of the Netherlands. The beaches are considered to be the widest beaches in Europe, imagine having a lovely dram there, while watching the boats on the water. I would recommend this spot to everyone. Schiermonnikoog is one of the most beautifull island of The Netherlands.

Whisky on the beach of Schiermonnikoog

Next to the beach are the dunes, long and wide rows of high sandy mountains that protect the island from high seawater. Here you can also relax with a dram in your hand, out of sight. The island is so peaceful, clean and quiet, but beware, seagulls are watching you, always. They follow you and when you run, they run. Cheeky little creatures. But don’t worry, they won’t touch your whisky.

So, what is your favorite spot to have a dram?



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