Wemyss Whisky, Vanilla Burst and Treacle Chest

A new Release from Wemyss Malts Family, Vanilla Burst and Treacle Chest. Two new and surprising additions to their family.

The Vanilla Burst is a lovely blend of two speyside single malts, that were chosen to mature in 15 1st fill bourbon barrels. 4800 bottels are released with the influence of sweet and light single malt.

Treacle Chest, is a blend of two highland single malts, and were chosen to be matured in only 14 1st fill ex-sherry hogsheads. And 6300 bottles are released with this lovely whisky.

After reading about the new addition to the family, it made me curious. I was pleased that I received a sample of each to compare with each other. Tho different whiskies and the colors, they were making me wonder even more.

Hand selected only when the spirit and wood are in absolute harmony’

Tasting Notes:

Vanilla Burst (46%)

  • Color: Amber
  • Nose: Vanilla, chocolate, citric, light fruit, leafy, sherried, hints of fresh tobacco
  • Taste: Fresh, vanilla, medicinal, mandarin, lemon, red berries, tobacco and leather complexity
  • Finish: Warm and fresh

Treacle Chest (46%)

  • Color: Burnished
  • Nose: Dark chocolate, walnuts, leather, medicine, antique wax, oily, wet wood and nuts
  • Taste: Warm, red fruit, banana, warm fruitiness, tingeling, and hints of different kind of warm nuts covered with honey
  • Finish: Tingeling, long and warm

From these two whiskies, I have to say, that the Treacle Chest is my favorite one. Both amazing expressions. And if you like a soft whisky with a fresh finish, choose Vanilla Burst, but when you like a bit more bite, choose Treacle Chest. Or both if you can’t make a decission for they are stunning. I wonder what other expressions will be joining the Wemyss Family Collection in the future.

‘Expertly blended to represent a singular style of whisky’

Suggestions: No water.

Grade: Vanilla Burst 8 out of 10 & Treacle Chest 8.5 out of 10



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