Vestal Vodka, Spirit of Time & Place

William from Vestal Vodka has asked me to try their vodka and offered me to send me a few samples. The letters on the label caught my eye,  each word is starting very romantic. A good reason to buy a bottle. No matter if you will drink a glass or not. An eye-catcher it is!

I have to make a confession, I never tried any Vodka this intensive. Poland is on the travel list, and for sure a country I love to visit one day. This Vodka is really Spirit of Time & Place from Poland.

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“Kaszebe in northern Poland is a fairytale land of forest, lakes and small family farms where horses still work the fields and Vineta potatoes grown specially for us in sandy soils lend character and a sense of place to this small batch production. Sip and savour neat or mix to create the drink of your dreams.”
Source:  Vesta Vodka

Vestal Kaszebe 2011 | Aged | Virgin Potato Vodka | 40% | 1 of 3.015 

  • Color: Light gold
  • Nose: Different from whisky, but it has a familiar whisky nose. Vanilla, milkchocolate, honey, complexity of fruits and a hint of medicine, in the distance potato salad with pepper on top.
  • Taste: Creamy, grapefruit, antique wax and again milk chocolate and a hint of medicine, peppery
  • Finish: Medium, soft and lovely

Vestal Kaszebe 2013 | Unfiltered | Virgin Potato Vodka | 40% | 1 of 3.474

  • Color: A clear spirit color
  • Nose: Sweet medicine, white chocolate, freshly plowed soil, roses hints of sea-salt and wood, creamy, dry land with a breeze
  • Taste: Creamy, soft, pepperish, hints of mint leaves, iodine, a character of velvety texture, traces of vanilla, complexity between sweet and salt
  • Finish: Medium, soft, lovely

I’ve read that Vesta Vodka is best drunk when it’s chilled (14-15 degrees). First sip was surprising, with both. The label said potato, you would expect potato, but that is pushed back through the complexity of tastes and aromas  that joins the front row.

First time I’m giving Vodka a grade and these two I give an 8!




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