Two Irish Whiskey Tastings with a surprising end

A Review of two tastings. Two Irish whiskey tastings with a Spirit of Frisia Hint at the end.

21st of March, Grou

Let’s start with the 1st. This was an exciting one.  None other than Gwen Jansen was present this evening to film for the “Nederland Whiskyland” Documentary. It was 21st of March, a friday evening in Grou at Cafe d’oude oost.  A beautiful and stunning location. A location were you could feel the history.  Everything was set, the placemats, glasses, pipettes, pens, quiz and the goodybag. Before the guests arrived, I’ve poured the glasses with the whiskey and Gwen has fixed me up with a small microphone. I was wearing a dress, so the clip has been attached to the panty. I was keeping my fingers crossed it would stay put.

The range in order of tasting

  1. Paddy Old Irish Whiskey
  2. Jameson Original
  3. Jameson Select Reserve
  4. Bushmills Honey
  5. Frysk Hynder 3yr ( the Surprise )

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 8.54.16 AMThis evening in Grou there were both men and woman present. The evening started with a short special made presentation. I just love to make something special for the guests. Next stop was the tasting. As shown in the list above, we started the evening with Paddy Old Irish Whiskey and ended with Frysk Hynder 3yr. This one was a surprise, the guests had to guess. To make it easier, I gave them also some hints,  when one person thought Canadian, the other was thinking Japan. When they found out it was Frysk Hynder 3yr, they were amazed.

28st of March, Bolsward

Us Heit Distillery in Bolsward. A fantastic location in a residential area for the tasting “Whisky op Smaak” (Whiskey on Taste). We created a program that started with a warm welcome with coffee and tea. After the welcome drink,  it was time for a tour through the distillery of Us Heit. After the intimate tour there was dinner. A fabulous special made dinner that was just pampering the nose. Lovely.

In the whole menu, whiskey was part of the dinner road, as well in the starter, main course, dessert and the closing.  I’m talking about lovely smoked salmon, beefsteaks, bavaroise with Frisian Famke coffee liqueur with a mouse of red fruit and coffee with homemade whiskey chocolates. Yum!

The range in order of tasting

  1. Paddy Old Irish Whiskey
  2. Jameson Original
  3. Jameson Select Reserve
  4. Frysk Hynder 3yr
  5. Frysk Hynder 5yr

Range BolswardAgain men and women were present, but we had a special guest this evening. A sweet dog was curious and came along. No one had an allergy, so our hairy friend was welcome. The tasting began with a short presentation. This evening they preferred other whiskies than a week before in Grou. I think that’s just fantastic, this means no one has the same taste experience with their nose and tongue. And what a difference between the Frysk Hynder 3 and 5 yr, wauw.

The end of both Tastings

As well at the tasting in Grou and Bolsward, there was a special made quiz at the end. Some questions were a wild guess and others were in the presentation held before the actual tasting. All of the guests did very well. I was very proud of all of them.

NOTE: The “whiskey” findings of both tastings will be published shortly. Keep an eye on 




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