Tullibardine 10 Year Old

A while ago, around Christmas, I received a sample all the way from Sweden. Ursula, a friend of mine had sent me a sample of a sherry finished whisky from Tullibardine with a percentage of 63.5% and with a big red heart on the bottle.

For a 2 years Sherry Finish in a Bruichladdich cask, this is really a sample, sent with love.

This whisky was quite different from what I imagined after opening the bottle and the first smell. The nose is spicy but less than the actual taste and the finish, I didn’t expect that the taste would hit me and that the finish would be so smooth.

  • Color: Sweet golden
  • Nose: Spicy, dark brown sugar, red fruit, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, banana, toffee apples, honey, dates, peaches, cinnamon, vanilla and butterscotch
  • Taste: Very spicy, caramel, honey, hints of cherries, more red fruit, cinnamon, crushed almonds covered with white and dark chocolate, grapefruit and hints of warm custard and brown sugar
  • Finish: Beautiful, long and smooth

Suggestions: a drop of water will make it less spicy and it will open the aroma even more. It is worth to try both, it will surprise you. For I am a person who likes a bit of spice in her life, I made the decision not to add a drop of water. But I tried, for the experience.

A lovely fact is that the beautiful colour comes from a 10 yr old Highland Malt.




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