Tomintoul Twitter Tasting

I was privileged to be part of a fantastic Tomintoul Twitter Tasting. Two lovely whiskies, the 21yo and the 1981 Vintage Single Cask were waiting to be gently nosed and tasted!


TomintoulThe Tomintoul 21yr

  • Color: Nice bright gold.
  • Nose: Toffee, creamy substance, freshly cut grass, colorful wildflowers, very soft
  • Taste: Creamy, a bit tingly, hints of toffee, very soft, sweet, creamy with traces of butterscotch.
  • Finish: Medium, loving, gentle spicy finish

I added some water, but I’ll prefer this whisky without the water. Adding water makes it too soft for me! But never the less. . it’s one fantastic whisky!

The Tomintoul 1981 Vintage Single Cask

  • Color: Bright gold
  • Nose: Nice peppery, subtle yet complex, a hint of salty stones and chocolate
  • Taste: Less spicy then on the nose, warm, nuts, tropical chocolate with coconut, licorice flavor
  • Finish: Medium, nice, warm

After this tasting of both, very lovely whiskies, there was a small disagreement between my nose and my tongue.  My nose says she loves the 21yo and my tongue is telling me that she loves the Vintage 1981.

After a nice and long sleep, my nose and tongue agreed! They agreed about the number 1 ( vintage 1981 ) and a close number 1 ( 21yo ). Not even thinking about the amount of bottles that were released from the vintage 1981 (psssst 196 bottles)

TomintoulThese lovely, fantastic whisky that gives you that special feeling is on my list as a full bottle!




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