Tomintoul Tlàth

Tomintoul Tlàth

Tomintoul Tlàth

A sweet little bottle was delivered to my home, lovely packed and with a matching tasting glass, Tomintoul Tlàth whisky.

Tomintoul Tlàth is the new edition to the Tomintoul family. The name Tlàth derives from the Gaelic word for – Gentle Smooth – reflecting the true meaning of Tomintoul whisky, known to many as “The Gentle Dram”.

Tlàth is pronounced “Tlah”. This sounds just as magical and enchanting as every sip. This new single malt is a lust for the tongue and the taste buds, the flavor detectors.

Tasting Notes:

  • Colour: Sweet golden
  • Nose: Light, warm sticky toffee, sweetness, vanilla and complexity of sliced mint, squeezed lemon, hints of mandarin and red apple
  • Palate: vanilla, toffee, crushed walnuts, nutmeg, chopped pepper and red apple covered with white creamy chocolate
  • Finish: Spicy and smooth

Suggestions: Drink the whisky preferably without water, but one small drop, will give you chills.


I give this whisky an 8.5 out of 10.

Go to the website of Tomintoul for more Gentle Drams ..



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