Tomatin whisky, Caribbean Rum Finish and Amontillado Sherry Finish

Tomatin recently released two new limited-edition expressions, the 2009 Caribbean Rum Finish and 2006 Amontillado Sherry Finish.

Tomatin’s ability to experiment with creatively finished expressions comes from the distillery’s exceptional wood policy which ensures there is a wide range of casks sourced from prestigious partners within the industry.

I had the pleasure to try the two new limited-edition expressions. After opening the bottles, I was smiling. The nosing was such a pleasure and both have an amazing aroma. Especially the 2006 Amontillado Sherry, for its licorice smell and taste, that … was yummy.

The Tasting Notes:

Tomatin 2009 Caribbean Rum Finish – 46%

  • Color: Light gold
  • Nose: Strong, hints of red pepper, basil, lavender, sunflowers, cinnamon, sweet ripe peach soaked in red apple juice with a squeeze of honey, lemon, creme caramel, marzipan and mandarin
  • Taste: Lovely warm, hot in the beginning, sweet fresh lemon rises, sweet honey, squeezed lime, tropical hints like passion fruit, mango, banana, dragon fruit, cinnamon and a complexity of sweet and bitterness
  • Finish: Sweet, warm and sticky

The 2009 Caribbean Rum  expression was initially matured for 9 years in traditional Scotch Whisky Oak Casks before a one year finish in 1st fill Caribbean Rum Barrels. Non-chill filtered and with natural color, the limited run has produced just 7,200 70cl bottles.

Tomatin 2006 Amontillado Sherry Finish – 46 %

  • Color: Sunflower gold
  • Nose: Sweet, cherries, salty nuts, raspberries, hints of peat, red en yellow peppers, pears, honey, lavender, hints of cinnamon, dried tea leafs and laurel
  • Taste: Sweet, with peppery touch, loads of red fruit, cherries, hints of peat, barley sugar, salmiak salt , licorice, sweet soft caramel within dark chocolate, marmalade, salty crackers
  • Finish: Warm and lingering

The 2006 Amontillado Sherry similarly spent 9 years maturing in traditional Scotch Whisky Oak Casks,  before enjoying a three year finish in 1st fill Amontillado Sherry Butts, The 12 year old,  non-chill filtered and natural colored limited-edition expression has a limited of run of  just  5,400 70cl bottles.

Suggestion for the two limited-edition expressions is easy; Neat.

Three essential things for happiness in this life are, something to have, something to love,  something to hope for and whisky”

If you require more information about these whiskies, visit Tomatin and you will find all the information you wish for.



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