Tomatin, three is a party

Oloroso Sherry, Caribbean Rum and the Cabernet Sauvignon. Three different Tomatin expressions were reviewed on their color, smell, palate and the finish. How did they all do? A fantastic quote from James Thurber came to mind when I looked at those three.

“Two is company, four is a party, three is a crowd. One is a wanderer.”Tomatin

A fantastic quote, and most of the time, it is true. But for the selection of Tomatin, it wasn’t. Tomatin has once again proven itself with stunning whisky, certainly a party you would love to join. All the whisky below are non-chill filtered and have a natural color.

Let’s move to the tasting notes:

Tomatin 1995 Oloroso Sherry 21 yr (46%)

  • Color: Lovely golden
  • Nose: Orange, honey, home-made marmalade, dark chopped chocolate, honey, lemon, creamy and smoky
  • Taste: Complexity of lovely dried fruits, prunes, creamy custard pudding and hints of fresh tropical cake with shaved dark chocolate
  • Finish: Lovely, lingering and warm

(Limited Edition matured in traditional Scotch Whisky oak casks for just under 18 years before being transferred to Oloroso Sherry hogsheads)

Tomatin 2007 Caribbean Rum 9 yr (46%)

  • Color: Sweet golden
  • Nose: Tropical hints of banana, mango, citrus, coconut and a complexity of pineapple sweetness combined with vanilla and a salty touch
  • Taste: Citrus, vanilla, smashed ripe banana, custard pudding, creamy and a fabulous combination of coconut and mango
  • Finish: Lovely fresh and tropical

(Limited Edition fully matured in Caribbean Rum barrels for over 9 years)

Tomatin 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon 14 yr (46%)

  • Color: Amber gold
  • Nose: Red fruit, berries, raisins, strawvberry, honey loops and citrus spices, red jelly, honey and antique wax
  • Taste: Crushed dark-, white chocolate, honey, hints of oak, fresh dried fruit and warm honey
  • Finish: Lingering warm and fruity

(Limited Edition matured in traditional Scotch Whisky oak casks for just under 9 years before being transferred to Red Wine barriques)

Curious about more – go to Tomatin and you are going to be welcomed by a great host.



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