Tom-in-‘t-Owl 16 yr

Just like many others, I joined the adventure of the poem competition of Tomintoul, they organized through Facebook.  And now, should I or should I not share my winning poem (one of many other winners) to the rest of the world. To do, or not to do, that’s the question.

The first lesson before opening the bottle is to pronounce Tomintoul correctly. When you read the package, you’ll find: Tom-in-‘t-Owl. Go find yourself a mirror and practice, that’s what I did! It might look silly, but when you close the door, nobody will see! They can only hear! Speaking of the package, fantastic, it’s a keeper. Please don’t change this, please! The packaging enjoys elegance and has a very attractive appearance.

  • Name: Tomintoul
  • Type: Single Malt
  • Country: Scotland
  • Price per standard amount: € 40,00

In the middle of prestigious Glenlivet region, lies the village of Tomintoul, the highest situated village in the Scottish Highlands.  Here, at the heart of the Speyside region lies the distillery that carries the same name Tomintoul, The Gentle Dram….

After the nosing and tasting, I understand …………….

Some history: In the year 1965 the construction of the distillery was completed and they could start the production. Tomintoul is the 3rd newly constructed distillery of the 20th century in Scotland. From the water source Ballantruan, they get water to use for brewing. The cooling water comes from two small lakes, which are located in the Hills or Cromdale.

… maybe this is the reason, they call Tomintoul “The Gentle Dram”!


  • Color: Amber gold
  • Nose: Nice soft citrus and pear, with a small hint of fresh chopped hazelnut.
  • Taste: Full and bursting with flavor, with a very gentle maltiness and hints of nuts
  • Finish: Long, with a beautiful soft finish

Tomintoul Whisky,

Tomintoul Whisky what have you done.
What have you done according to some.
I think you’re sweet and one of a kind, 
A drop in my glass, I won’t mind.

My mouth open and wide … all you have to do is slide ..


Suggestions: None, perfect the way it is..


I give this whisky an 8 out of 10.




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