The Yellow Discovery Road

Dominic Roskrow, owner of World Whisky has sent me a couple of samples of the Discovery Road Range a while ago. Exciting, because “Dutch” was involved.

Four Lions, Smile and Courage. Whisky that makes you roar, showing your teeth and to show off your bravery. As I wrote, I was very excited about these whisky. Dominic was very enthusiastic, and his enthusiasm is very catching, I can assure you.

Dominic RoskrowThis is Dominic, an international whisky writer and ‘New World Whiskies’ specialist. We have met last year at the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival. Since that time we have always kept in touch, and I can honestly say; I’m proud to call him my friend.

Dominic has launched his 1st range of whiskies in December 2013 (5th). Malt from England and Rye from the Netherlands. And he’s not done yet, lucky for us. Calling out a few countries: India, France and Sweden. The whiskies will be bottled at 46% and will be limited to under 300 bottles (215 bottles of the English malt). What I really like is that Dominic launched TRIBE. TRIBE is Whisky and Music festival, a 2 hour whisky tasting festival, that leads to a mini music festival. Keeping my fingers crossed that TRIBE will be in the Netherlands one day. Whisky & Music is a in my eyes a fabulous combination.

The Yellow Discovery Road …

Discovery Road Four Lions (Single malt, England)

  • Color: Sunny gold
  • Nose: Creamy, vanilla, spicy, hints of crushed mint leafs in hot water combined with honey, lychee, passionfruit, banana, pineapple and smashed mango.
  • Taste: Oily, creamy tropical shake, sweet and spiced combination, red apple with cinnamon on top, fresh from the stove.
  • Finish: Sweet medium, lovely

Discovery Road Four Lions 58% (England, only 45 bottles)

  • Color: Splashy gold
  • Nose: Creamy, strong, hot spice with hints of sweetness, very refreshing. Traces of mandarin, spicy apple, chervil and tarragon
  • Taste: Lovely sweet, fresh, tropical juice, with hints of sliced apple and banana. A lovely bite.
  • Finish: Pepperish, medium and tingling.

Discovery Road Four Smile (7 yr old Rye, The Netherlands) 

  • Color: Clogs gold
  • Nose: Spicy, tingling, hints of cherries, blue berries, fresh chopped nutmeg, peeled peaches, Chocolate that melts in a cup of hot milk. Nice and complex with a tiny hint of stinging nettle.
  • Taste: Tingling, soft chocolate with caramel wrapping, warm vanilla custard sprinkled with sweet brown sugar.
  • Finish: Sweet medium and caramelish

Discovery Road Four Courage (14 yr old Single Malt, The Netherlands )

  • Color: Lemon gold
  • Nose: Dark chocolate with a cherrie heart and chunks of red berries, cinnamon, apple pie crumbs with sultana’s, hints of smoked wood, fresh coffee beans, silky licorice and a little bit of salmiac. Sherry notes and sweet cookie dough.
  • Taste: Warm brown sugar, Toffee and hints of citrus and a complexity of red fruit,
  • Finish: Lovely toffee, medium

No suggestions .. just pure enjoyment = Priceless!

“If I get the opportunity somewhere in the future to try every whisky of the range Dominic has sent me, I would walk the yellow Discovery Road with pleasure over and over, forwards and backwards. And hopefully the yellow path leads me to the Wonderful Wizard of TRIBE, for the whisky and the music”



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