Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival Ultimate Mortlach Experience

After the amazing visit at the Macallan Distillery, Mortlach was next on the agenda ..

The Mortlach Distillery is right around the corner of the Festival Hub in Dufftown and is the 1st of 7 distilleries built in the area of Dufftown. The Mortlach name comes from the ancient Gaelic away. The name means “bowl shaped valley”.

I’ve got the luxury to be brought by car. This distillery is specially opened for the visitors of this festival, I consider myself very lucky to be one of the visitors, it’s a privilege.

LineAgain, a very intimate group was joining the tour around the distillery.  It’s just fantastic to hear that it was used as a church, and later as a brewery .. and grew to what it is now.


Fantastic to know is that Mortlach has a most unusual distilling process. A process which produces an uniquely partially triple-distilled spirit.The tour guide has a fantastic way of telling the story behind Mortlach.

The 3 wash stills and the 3 spirit stills are all unique and different in their kind. If you have a close look, you’ll see that all of these fantastic shaped stills have unusual sizes. The tour guide told us, that they started with second hand stills, and that these shapes didn’t changed during these years.
WatertanksAfter the fantastic tour .. inside, we went outside into the rain. There were some huge watertanks, 4 of them. In the summer it’s difficult to add water in the tanks. That’s why the water source of Mortlach comes mostly from the Conval Hills.

In the wintertime when it’s cold and when there is a chance of ice. They let the water move, so ice doesn’t got a chance to be developed in these tanks.


The Nosing and Tasting

It’s time for some nosing and tasting. There were 5 lovely glasses waiting for us. The Newmake, Cask 4550, Cask 977, Cask 2356 and the Mortlach Festival Malt. All very different. I’ve been critic and will review these soon.

The Mortlach Festival Malt, was very very nice, that’s all I’ll tell you now.
I’d love to tell you more .. but looking at the mystery of this distillery, when you’ve got the chance and it’s open for visitors, go and experience yourself!

Looking at the time, it’s time for the Roving Whisky Awards Judging 2013 in Rothes …




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