The third adventurous whiskey, Greenore 8 yr

The adventure continues…

The third whiskey on this trip is also a Irish one, the Greenore 8 years old.  This whiskey is the smooth one from the Cooley Collection. In my view, a great choice after the smoky one, the Connemara peated single malt.

Greenore, the only bottling of single grain Irish whiskey and one of a handful of such bottelings in the world, Greenore is predominantly made ​​from corn, which giving it a silky, smooth, sweet and very nice taste.

  • Name: Greenore 8 years old.
  • Country: Ireland
  • Type: Single Malt
  • Price per standard amount: € 36.84
I love the smell of this whiskey. My first thought was…  this is a whiskey for woman. If you don’t trust me, just buy a sample. I bet that, after enjoying a good glass of Greenore 8 yr, you might go to your nearest liquor store to buy a bigger bottle of Greenore.  For more smoothness and enjoyment, that starts in your mouth en smoothly slides in to your throat.


  • Color: Full amber
  • Nose: Clean light grain, with honey and oak characters.
  • Taste: Rich taste, melts in the mouth, a little grain of barley. Some solidoak freshness.
  • Finish: Soft, sweet corn with a delicious hints of some bourbon

Suggestions: Greenore Single Grain can be enjoyed pure, on the rocks or with water to release the bouquet.


I give this whiskey an 8 out of 10.



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