The Tamdhu Trip

It all started at the the Spirit of Speyside festival …

This is the place where I first tasted Tamdhu whisky. Lucky me, I could take some samples home with me, for more serious nosing and tasting.

I’m starting this Tamdhu Trip with the Tamdhu 10yr, a lovely Speyside Single Malt Whisky. Couldn’t stop looking at the bottle, just kept staring. A bottle with a very chic,  gorgeous look and with just beautiful details.  A bottle that takes your breath away for a few seconds, and going back in time. A retro and vintage look. Very nice.

Let’s start with the 1st of the whiskies I nosed and tasted at the Tamdhu Distillery and at home.

First stop: Tamdhu 10yr

  • Tamdhu 10 yrColor: Sunrise golden
  • Nose: Chocolate filled with oranges, citrus, traces of caramel, toffee, and a small hint of honey
  • Taste: Chocolate ( reminds me of the dutch Koetjesrepen ), hints of marzipan, raisins, oranges, vanilla. Small tingling on the tongue, very nice
  • Finish: Medium smooth, feeling like summer

Note: Tamdhu I could love you!

Second stop: Tamdhu 10yr Limited Edition

This is a Limited whisky, only 1000 bottles available. Also one I’ve tasted during my stay at The Spirit of Speyside Whisky festival. All I can say is that I had the privilege to sit at the Tamdhu Table during the openingsdiner.

  • Tamdhu 10yr Limited EditionColor: Mahogany golden
  • Nose: Dried tropical fruit, wet leather, hints of citrus and the arome of cloves that has been in oranges for a few hours
  • Taste: Vanilla, sherry oak,  caramel, toffee, traces of sweetness, fresh fruit with a tiny smokey hint. Reminds me of an old bakery
  • Finish: Lovely, medium and warm


The tamdhu 10yr Limited Edition is a perfect whisky to combine with chocolate mousse with some chopped caramel pieces.

Note: Tamdhu I should love you!

Third stop: Tamdhu Cask No 2218

  • Tamdhu Cask No 2218Color: Copper golden
  • Nose: Reminds me of morning dew, wet leafs, wet leather, fresh peeled citrus, exotic hints like sliced pineapple, banana, chocolate
  • Taste: Traces of caramel, banana, earl grey tea with a lot of sugar. Some Vanilla, hints of sweetness blended with some peat, fresh exotic fruit, marzipan. Definitely some flavor complexity
  • Finish: Sweet, medium and wonderfully warm


Note: Tamdhu I’m falling in love with you!

I love you Tamdhu!



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