The strongest bird of Britain

I know, it’s summer. But this one is to cool us down. In the summer it supposed to be hot and you need something to lower your body temperature  ……

Unfortunately, this is not real snow in a bottle .. no snow to run around the block, barefoot. No snow to dance in, No snow to make a snowman. This snow makes of your throat an smooth ice track. Let’s slide.

The Snow Grouse can be found high in the mountains of the Scottish Highlands. This beautiful bird has been described as the strongest bird of Britain.

In the summer, The Snow Grouse is speckled with brown feathers. In winter there is an extra layer of white feathers over the heat so he can survive in this cold environment.

  • Name: The Snow Grouse
  • Country: Scotland
  • Type: Blend
  • Price per standard amount: € 21,95

The Snow Grouse is made only of grain whisky and seasoned in oak barrels before it is gently cold filtered. The result is a light, delicate, sweet vanilla whisky with a unique smooth taste.

At room temperature this is a beautifully balanced, easy drinking Scotch whisky and when he is served directly from the freezer, the whisky has a more delicate taste ……..


  • Color: Snow gold
  • Nose: ginger peach vanilla
  • Taste: Thick and silky, very smooth vanilla, fruit, grain-cookies, pear-drops,
    no alcohol burn
  • Finish: Warming and nice lingering sweetness

I like this one cold …. Just a few minutes in the freezer. Very nice on a very hot and sweaty day. After the cooling, the whisky is fatter. There is rising up a nice spicy vanilla tone, very nice.

The Snow Grouse is a lighter, softer and sweeter style of whisky.

Suggestions: Just Pure, some drops of water or little pieces of ice or of course, the freezer.


I give this whisky an 7.5 out of 10.



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3 thoughts on “The strongest bird of Britain

  1. This is the only blended grain whisky product from Scotland I know of other than Compass Box Hedonism. Thanks for reviewing it. I haven’t seen many other reviews and have been curious about it. It sounds kind of decent.

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