The reunion of Green, Yellow, Red and Blue Spot

The excitement .. the news about a reunion in the Spot Family traveled fast. Next to the Green spot, Yellow spot and Red spot, a new arrival has been revealed, Blue spot. The fourth family member, welcomed with open arms and a warm heart.

With the most recent existing record of Blue Spot dating back to 1964, the launch will signal the end of a 56-year wait among the global whiskey community for the re-introduction of Blue Spot, reuniting the historic Spot Family for the first time in over half a century.

It was a zoom launch, so every excited to join. Held live from the Jameson Distillery. A fantastic place to visit, so when you are in the neighborhood. The launch was lead by Kevin O’Gorman and Katherine Condon.

Jonathan and Robert Mitchell, the family who created the Spot brand. is telling us about the launch of Blue Spot and a wee bit of history.

I do love Irish whiskey, I can’t imagine anyone who doesn’t. And when they don’t, there is something completely wrong with them. However ….. they can learn. A whiskey from the Spot Range would be a perfect start for they all have an amazing finish.

Green Spot  7 – 10 yrs / 40%

  • Color: Sweet gold
  • Nose: Spearmint, papaya, tropical, citrus fruit, also some ripe fruitiness, green apples, pears, very fresh, sultana’s and sweet honey
  • Palate: Spicy, pepper, menthol, potpourri, sweet apples combined with flower honey, sultana’s,
  • Finish: Soft, medium hint of menthol

The Green Spot is special, never disappeared from the shelves. Pot Sill Whiskey, ex bourbon barrels.

Red Spot 15 yr / 46%

  • Color: Lovely summer gold
  • Nose: Loads of red fruit, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, green apples, citrus fruit, mandarin, Spicy
  • Palate: Spicy, cherries soaked in sweet apples and white chocolate and covered with thick honey
  • Finish: Lovely Finish

Left in the 50s, came back in 2018.

Yellow Spot 12 yr / 46%

  • Color: Sweet golden
  • Nose: Medical smell, spice, exotic fruit, sweet honey, lavender, creamy chocolate filled with citrus, also loads of peach and peanut butter for some reason
  • Palate: Lot of freshness, with a spicy bite, bubblegum, honey, coconut, sultana’s, lovely creamy taste and biscuits
  • Finish: Sweet, spicy and lingering

Sophisticated and complex in character.

Blue spot 7 yrs (up to 20 yrs) / 58.7%

  • Color: Warm autumn gold
  • Nose: A lovely mix of dried tropical fruits, pineapple, lemon, green banana and lime zest followed by Pot Still spices, cinnamon apple, hazelnut, stewed apples, half toasted wood, nutmeg and also walnuts, very strong
  • Palate: Very smooth mouthfeel with a spicy touch, very subtle mix of a fruit basket, loads of chocolate mix, peppermint, a hint of clove oil and cracked black pepper corns., vanilla and cinnamon add to the wood’s nutty contribution
  • Finish: A lasting and distinctly palatable balance of exotic fruits and spices

Available : 1700 9 liter case , batch one.

With the help of Jonathan at Mitchell’s, going back to the 20’s – 30’s, higher in the strength during the time. A lot of nosing and tasting, it has to be cask strength.

Madeira, lovely ocean. They are very proud of their wine, definitely hold their terms in the wine world. Very suited for whiskey. Montenegro grapes in de wine is used bij Jameson, Irish Distillers. Very sweet range, they are falling in.

We finished with Blue spot toast for everyone who helped the last 20 years. An amazing team effort. It was 20 years worth the result, amazing Blue spot Whiskey!


What is your favorite?

Katherine Condon,
depends of the mood, atmosphere.
Jonathan Mitchell, This the red spot … was before he tried the blue spot.
Peter Dunn, the green spot, the go through. Like champagne, the first glass is evolving the most impact.
WhiskyGirl, the yellow Spot, gave me jitters and reminded me of warm summer with the wind of winter.




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