The NEAT Glass

A whie ago I received the NEAT glass! The package looks good, nice shape and secured and the glasses are looking very interesting.  Please, do me a favor and keep an eye on this page for I will test this NEAT glass!  With passion, interest and whisky.

I opened the package that  was holding the glasses safe. It took me some work, but two lovely shiny shapes glasses were staring at me with a message, try me, it will be fun.

The NEAT Glass Experience

Christine from Arsilic has send me a set of NEAT Glasses. It is a pleasure to try these beautifully shaped glasses. Trying whisky in different glasses that I’m used to. I have developed a personal preference for glasses over the years.

Trying a new type of glass is a challenge. How is the aroma, is the smell stronger or softer. How feels this glass it in hand,  does it feel pleasant or just clumsy. Important is the feeling of a glass on the lips. Covers it just the tip or the entire lip, and how does the sliding feel.

I have put the NEAT Glass next to the Glencairn Glass. The Glencairn Glass is one of the more popular glasses for whisky drinkers. In my eyes It’s an excellent choice for these two opponents to compare. The whisky I choose is the Laphroaig 10 yr, a very strong whisky, known for it’s pronounced flavor.

The smell of the Laphroaig is brought forward, very well. It’s tempting the nose, tempting to bow over the glass for a good inhale. The NEAT Glass is an ideal glass to spin around in order to let the flavors come forward. With some ice added, there a nice sound from the curves of this glass.

The first thing I thought by the first sip, was the thought of a waterfall. A waterfall of whisky, using your entire lips to slide the whisky down the throat. I think there is a technique for everyone. We all have other lips, different sizes, shapes and lengths.

You need to learn the technique to drink a good whisky, a technique that fits you. .. But that doesn’t stop me to keep on trying, finding the technique that fits me. I’m working on my personal drinking technique for the NEAT Glass.

The NEAT Glass fits perfectly in my hand. I’ve got small hands, but also for those with “big” hands it will fit perfectly. Definitely when you are spinning the whisky to release the aroma’s.

The Glencairn Glass on the other hand. Fits comfortably on the lips and drinks a lot more enjoyable for now. Maybe we are spoiled and we look in differently ways at something new coming on our way .. perhaps we are a bit suspicious ….  maybe afraid of change, a change in your familiar drinking glass surroundings.

This is what I think so far…

Meanwhile, my brains are still processing my observations concerning the NEAT Glass. All these observations must be even more processed, because of the technique I will continue to develop.

For the time being, I will drink my whisky out of a NEAT Glass and leave the Glencairn Glass alone for a while with a bottle of whisky to keep it company.

Update 2013: It’s getting better and better. Both have positive nosing drinking ways. It will be always be a competition NEAT v/s Glencairn.  



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