The inspiring range of Glen Moray


This time I enjoyed a lovely and inspiring range of Glen Moray. A promising box with very attractive bottles on the inside.

Their Single malt whisky has been distilled on the banks of the River Lossie since 1897, just outside Elgin, one of Scotland’s oldest towns. (Source: Glen Moray)

The inside was as you could say; incredible, I was really looking forward to these spirits. I’m a woman who loves a challenge. And these 5 bottles were whispering to me like in a fairytale; try us and you’ll be one happy woman! Don’t try us, and you are missing a lot of fun. Guess what I did ….

Let’s move on to the tasting notes.

1. New Make ( 69% )

  • Color: A transparent mystery
  • Nose: A bam, creamy, banana, tropical, the more you smell the more you discover
  • Taste: Strong oily, creamy with a bite of the tropics in a storm
  • Finish: Lovely long and a powerful whoah!

2. Classic ( 40% )

  • Color: Sweet
  • Nose: Smashed pears and green apples stirred in creamy vanilla and chocolate ice
  • Taste: Pears, green apples, sultana’s, melon, honey and hints of sweet candy
  • Finish: Nice medium

3. Port Cask Finish ( 40% )

  • Color: Pastel
  • Nose: Sweet, red fruit, red apple, creamy, black berries, fresh leather and woody
  • Taste: Watermelon shake, spicy, touch of rolled marzipan
  • Finish: Lovely with a tingle

4. Peated New Make ( 69% )

  • Color: A transparent mystery
  • Nose: Mustard, antique wax, rubber, but also a complexity of citrus and charcoal
  • Taste: Spicy, strong, smoky, oak, honey and squeezed lemon
  • Finish: Spicy strong and BAM

5. Peated Single Malt ( 40% )

  • Color: Golden
  • Nose: Peated, lemon, caramel, sticky licorice, crushed cereal in soja milk
  • Taste: Sweet lemon pie, covered with caramel, cereal, honey and
  • Finish: Classic sweet

How much I love each and one of the above one has made a big impression. This is the Peated New Make. The more you smell it, the more you discover. Yes, I tried this with water and it makes it more enjoyable with every sniff.

I would certainly recommend this beauty to every one who is in for a whisky challege. Next to the others though!  When you catch one, enjoy!

“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit”



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