The “Hosh” Glenturret 10 yr

Glenturret 10 Year Old is one of the whiskies of the Counting down to Christmas Tasting I participated last year. Time to write about this Highland whisky …

  • Name: Glenturret
  • Country: Scotland
  • Type: Single Malt
  • Price per standard amount: € 35,-

Glenturret 10yrThis whisky was one of the range that I’ve tasting, counting down to Christmas. It’s a nice whisky, as well for the nose as for the tongue.  A bit tingling on the lips, smooth, oily and soft on the tongue.

The Glenturret distillery was officially established a long, long time ago,  in the year 1775. The Glenturret distillery was originally known as “Hosh”. Great name, Hosh means Foot! This distillery has put his “Hosh” in the highlands grounds and left its mark.

  • Color: Nice golden
  • Nose: Barley, sweet cereal, fall, small hints of honey, dried fruits, fresh hay
  • Taste: Fruit, sweetness, breakfast, honey, vanilla
  • Finish: Nice medium and fruity


Suggestions: Just pure, or just one drop of water.


I give this whisky an 7.5 out of 10.




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