The Grant’s Whisky Four

Grants Whisky

Grants Whisky

Time to review the Grant’s Whisky Four. These four came in a lovely box and were accompanied by a lovely glass.

Small, but with a strong goal, to drink the whisky with.

“The light music of whisky falling into glasses made an agreeable interlude.”

It’s a great couple of Whisky to look at. They are perfectly bottled and labeled. It covers the golden content, this makes you more curious and want you to nose and to nip. So, that is what I did. Let’s move on to the tasting notes.

Grant’s Whisky Signature (40%)

  • Color: Sweet golden
  • Nose: Vanilla, toffee, fresh kitchen spices, oak, green smashed juicy apple, tropical and hints of coconut pie
  • Taste: Smooth, honey, oily, toffee, spicy, apple, citrus, coconut
  • Finish: Soft, a bit dry, but lovely
Grant’s Whisky Sherry Cask (40%)
  • Color: Lovely golden
  • Nose: Sherry, crumbled nuts, fresh vanilla, deep hints of salt
  • Taste: Dried red fruits, orange peel, plums, red apples, soft and hints of sherry
  • Finish: Lovely soft
Grant’s Whisky Family Reserve (40%)
  • Color: Glorious golden
  • Nose: Soft, fresh breakfast cereals, sugar, vanilla, hints of sweetness, warm caramel and toffee
  • Taste: Sweet, bitter, sugar, warm apples covered with chocolate and caramel.
  • Finish: Cheeky smooth
Grant’s Whisky Ale Cask (40%)
  • Color: Sunny Golden
  • Nose: Honey, fudge, red apples, an autumn feeling, lemon, very vibrant
  • Taste: Sweet malt, vanilla, warm toffee, melon and a complexity of apricots combined with prunes in a bowl.
  • Finish: Lovely warm and lingering

I suggest, like I always do, to drink the whisky pure. But if you would like to add some water, this could stimulate the aroma and flavor to come with more unsuspected surprise.

Are you curious and would you like to know more about Grant’s Whisky, just go to their website and get all the information you need. You can also follow them via Twitter.



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