The Glenrothes, the distillery next to the cemetery.

Opposite the distillery is indeed the old cemetery of Rothes, a bit strange that is already and holds probably one or the other beautiful story. Its regular operation starts the distillery after the acquisition and the completion by the company William Grant & Co in the year 1879. It was after Glen Grant, the second distillery in Rothes.

After several conversions and extensions, the distillery now has ten still pots with a production volume of approximately 5,600,000 litres per year.

David and I combined our tasting notes of The Glenrothes 1988 (43%), a perfect whisky for a cosy winter’s night. When you read our tasting notes, there is a similarity but also a difference in the outcome. It says a lot about the complexity of this whisky, so much to discover and to enjoy. I’m very pleased that I had the opportunity to try this beauty and to add The Glenrothes 1988 to my Whisky list.

Tasting notes by Femke

  • Color: Dark
  • Nose: Spicy with a complexity of red fruit, red apples, strawberries, hints of oranges, sultana’s, brown warm sugar, poached pears, blackberries, nutmeg and raspberry
  • Taste: Creamy, fruit cake, sweet honey and hints of spiciness, oak, fresh oranges, chopped apples covered in caramel, warm sugar and juicy raspberries
  • Finish: Lovely warm, sweet and lingering herbs

The 1988 is an amazing whisky, very special with a delicate and complex taste”. There is no need to add water for it is just amazing, but one drop could open the palate and aroma a bit more”

Tasting notes by David

  • Color: Dark
  • Nose: a spicy and cheerful-fruity fragrance, notes of red apples, a very nice gentle beginning, which later changes slightly in the balanced sweetness of oak. Paired with beautiful sherry notes
  • Taste: The first impression is creamy-spicy on the palate, the sweet fruit is also back, haha, I’m glad. If you wait a moment and respect the 5 sec + rule, there comes a touch of oak and an oily perfection
  • Finish: A medium-length creamy fruity finish completes the 1988 vintage
“The 88 is very balanced and very pleasant to drink. His 20 years of maturity give him a great color with a great taste. I will drink it again and again if given the opportunity”


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