The Glenlivet Tweet Tasting …

During a Twitter Tasting of The Glenlivet, the 12, 15 and the 18 yr were also taking part next to the Alpha in this online international adventure ..

These whiskies were also part of the tasting that was held on twitter on Thursday May 16th. Ian Logan and Steve Rush from The Whisky Wire were also there to lead our nose and tongues. Leading us through the exotics and palmtrees, while dreaming and relaxing in a hammock … a lovely summer feeling! Just missed the butler called James ..

The Glenlivet 12The Glenlivet 12 yr

  • Color: Lovely Gold
  • Nose: Nose, Exotic, Papaya a scent of palmtrees, stones, sultana’s
  • Taste: lovely, smooth, young, pineapples, peachy, bit tingling on the tongue
  • Finish: A lovely medium and soft finish with vanilla


The Glenlivet 15 The Glenlivet 15 yr

  • Color: Lively Gold
  • Nose: Gingerbread cookies, soft, leaving a trail of mangoes, spicy cinnamon, herbs
  • Taste: Lovely trail of spices and exotic chocolate, banana
  • Finish: Medium, tingling and peppery notes


The Glenlivet 18The Glenlivet 18 yr

  • Color: Sweet Bright Gold
  • Nose: Dried fruit, a fruitsalade with a lot of pears.. and a couple of apples, ginger
  • Taste: Ginger, hints of smoke, orange, toffee, spicy, orange dessert
  • Finish: Long with some ginger and a very light hint of smoke. Combined with some small pieces of orange and toffee hints

I love The Glenlivet, but It was a fantastic experience to be part of something lovely as this. A range next to each other,  with a surprising ending with the new launch of The Glenlivet Alpha. This evening I spoiled my nose, my tongue has been challenged and enjoyed The Glenlivet treat for a long time.



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