The Glenlivet Single cask tasting

On Monday november 19th I went to Amsterdam by train. I got an invite from Leon Rodenburg to be one of the few to be part of something special. Something special, just for a few guardians from The Glenlivet.

Me and around 29 other guardians were being expected in a new opened restaurant/cafe &Samhoud Places around 8 pm. I was a bit early, cause of the train, better arriving early than to be late. I had the navigation to lead me to the restaurant.. but silly me, I took the car route by foot. I’ve seen a lot of Amsterdam that evening. That was a good start of an interesting evening. The present guardians were invited to witness a world premiere of a tasting with the 5 of The Glenlivet Single Cask Malt Whiskies, Guardian, Helios, Josie, Kilimanjaro and Legacy.

On the table you could find bottles with water, a pen, The Maltlog and glasses. Glasses with a nice looking golden content. This was going to be an interesting evening.

Under the inspiring leadership of keeper of the Quaich Wim de Ridder we were about to discover something from The Glenlivet, what was invisible for many hitherto.

Wim has an exiting way of speaking about the Glenlivet. He wore the most wonderful pants I’ve ever seen. Just loved it!  He told us about the first Single Cast Edition, introduced in 2005. One of the persons who took part of the first single cast Edition was present. He shared his experience with the rest of us.

Now it was time for the nosing and tasting. I was sitting at the same table as Hans Offringa and his wife Becky .. Hans pushed my chair as a gentleman.  We were sitting at the round table, we were al equal…. like the round table of King Arthur.

The Glenlivet Guardians Single Cask Edition

..which was hand-selected by members of The Glenlivet Guardians. The 18 year Old expression, aged in a second-fill sherry butt filled on 18th December 1992, is non chill-filtered and bottled at 55.7% ABV cask strength. There were only 631 bottles available.

  • Color: Deep gold
  • Nose: Mocha, golden syrup, earthy, toasted oats, bit sharp
  • Taste: Gentle oak, a bit creamy, spicy, vanilla & gingerbread, fruity
  • Finish: Balanced, warm and medium long

(Average rating of 7.5)

The Glenlivet Helios Single Cask Edition

..named to signify the importance of the sun in production at the Speyside distillery, is a 20 Year Old non chill-filtered single malt aged in a second-fill hogshead cask, that was filled on 9th May 1991. Bottled at 50.7% cask strength, just 307 bottles were available.

  • Color: Amber gold
  • Nose: Sweet, tropical fruit, floral
  • Taste: Explosion of fruit, ginger
  • Finish: Long, sweet and a bit spicy

(Average rating of 7.5)

Looking at the time I was realizing, that I had to catch the train….. This next whisky was the last one I could taste that evening. But luckily I got some samples to nose and taste it at home.

The Glenlivet Josie Single Cask Edition

..the name comes from the distillery’s infamous underground spring. The 17 Year Old non chill-filtered whisky was aged in a first-fill ex-sherry butt in European oak, that was filled on 6th July 1994. Bottled at 57.5% ABV cask strength, just 464 bottles are released.

  • Color: Dark Gold
  • Nose: Sweet flavors,raisin, fruitcake, antique wax, sugar sweets, candy store (70’s)
  • Taste: Almonds mixed with citrus, and a trace of licorice
  • Finish: Long and warm

(Average rating of 8)

Then it was time to catch my samples and catch the train home. I deliberately took the next to last train, you never know! Everything went smooth. Until there was a 20 minutes delay. Me and some fellow passengers, with which  I shared the carriage with, were just sitting and waiting. But why was it taking so long for the train to move again!? I decided to check it out. I went up and downstairs, through the carriages (it was a double-decker train). There was no one there. There was silence all over..

Imagine the darkness, a strange area and a huge vintage empty train. Me and the others decided to look outside, through an open door. And yes someone of the railway-station came by .. and saw us waving at him. You should have seen his face! He took us to his colleagues. It was midnight and there were no more trains or busses leaving. These people had compassion for us and they arranged a taxi for us. We could go home at their expense. It seemed that the broadcasting system in our wagon was broken…..

A night I’ll never forget!

Interested in the Guardianship of The Glenlivet? Just click here for more information!

(The tasting notes of the last whiskies, the Kilimanjaro and Legacy, soon online!)



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  1. Nice review:
    Having tasted the Josie, you maybe missed out on the last Single Cask. My personal favorit was: Josie and 2nd place the Legancy.

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