The Gin(ny) and The One!

Lakes TTNovember 26th. This was the night for the Twitter tasting from Lakes Distillery. Everyone could follow, or can dive ( when they can’t stand the curiosity into history of this evening using #LakesDistillery.

On this cold evening, me and few other selected whisky enthusiasts were thrilled to be part of something magical. The magic of Gin & The One of Lakes Distillery.


Lakes Distillery in Cumbria, a county in North West England, is England’s largest distillery. Everything is in place to start the production of their own Whisky. It’s exiting, the distillery will open it’s doors officially on Monday, Dec 15th. I’ve heard that the distillery has been carefully designed, with a mixture of traditional methods & new innovations.

This “Twitter Tasting” evening started with a golden whisky, called “The One”. I was,  like the others, very curious. This whisky is a NAS, blended British whisky, 40% ABV.

The One

  • Color: Light Amber
  • Nose: Mixture of fruit, pineapple, mandarin, banana, almonds, lots of vanilla, lemon, lime, papaya, cherry layered with white chocolate.
  • Taste: Citrus, mandarin, candy filled with soft toffee cream, warm, sweetness, spicy, smokey, fruitiness,
  • Finish: Nice, warm and long

Dying to tell you that the smell creates a tingling in the nose. My tiny nose hair really liked the trembling. A great feeling. Bizarre, but awesome. Then it’s the tongues turn to let the whisky go around in the mouth and slowly taking the golden liquid in ….. Hmm sweetness is there, smokiness and there was the tingling again on each side of the inner cheek. Didn’t expect this to happen. The warmth, heavenly. Thank god it’s winter :). I love the finish! Nice, warm and long enough to enjoye it with my eyes closed!

Some discovered a dry bit. I couldn’t find it, maybe a little bit. But my conclusion is, that The One, doesn’t need a drop of water.

“I’m not kissing someone, but this is the best whisky I had in a while”


Paul Currie, Lakes Distillery Founder and Managing Director told us during the Twitter Tasting, that they have a small 1000 liter copper pot still for Lakes Gin. And he added: very cute. I was very pleased that whisky woman Katy Read, Business Development Manager also joined us this evening.

What did I think of Gin. I have to admit, this was my first time drinking Gin, and pure. I can tell you this. This Gin has a complexity of herbs, that are mixing in the mouth, and making a garden on the tongue, ready to be picked. What an experience! Gintastic!

  • Color: Plain
  • Nose: Aromatic, flowers, strong, lavender, lemon, lime, salty, fresh peeled oranges, or scrapes skin of a orange. Spicy
  • Taste: Lavender, lemon, complexity of different kind of herbs, honey, hints of pepper, fresh, bubblegum, thyme, lime.
  • Finish: Nice, strange, but nice.

“So refreshing. I think I’m falling in love with Gin, standing next to my love for Whisky, holding hands”

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 6.53.34 PMThanks to Lakes Distillery & Steve from The Whisky Wire for a fantastic evening!



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