The Braunstein Collection

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 8.39.31 AMA while ago I received a lovely box with 5 tubes filled with lovely spirits. Rum, Vodka, Gin, Danica Whisky, Danica Whisky Peat.

Like the text says in the beautiful small box; in your hand you have the unique opportunity to explore the inciting universe of this golden liquid.

With this box came a leaflet with more information about the Danish Whisky. Information about two brothers ‘Claus and Michael Braunstein’, their passion for fly-fishing and how the idea to develop and manufacture  a Danish whisky occurred. Reading all this, fabulous.

1. Danica Rum

  • Color: Light amber
  • Nose: Honey, fruit, chocolate, herbs, sirop and a complexity of spices
  • Taste: Sweet sticky molasses, vanilla, rich honey, spices and notes of cognac
  • Finish: Sweet, warm and lovely

2. Danica Vodka

  • Color: Shining through
  • Nose: Chemical, white fruit, prune, apricots and hints of bright citrus and mandarins
  • Taste: Citrus with hints of abricot and prunes
  • Finish: Wicked

3. Danica Gin

  • Color: Shining through
  • Nose: Sweet, richt, strong, dried lemon, lime with hints of mint, fennel and sweet onion
  • Taste: Coriander seed, dried lemon, lime, orange peel, Juniper berry
  • Finish: Complex, but fresh and dry

4. Danica Whisky

  • Color: Soft Amber
  • Nose:Sweet, honey, tropical, hints of sherry notes, oranges combined with mango.
  • Taste: Honey, fruitiness, combination of banana, mango, oranges and pineapple.
  • Finish: Lovely warm, medium

5. Danica Whisky Peat

  • Color: Soft Amber
  • Nose: Dark chocolate, toffee, caramel, vanilla, honey, smokey wood.
  • Taste: Smoked wood, citrus, vanilla ice cream with nuts and covered with caramel and a complexity of cake filled with cherry?
  • Finish: Nice medium

Oh my, what an experience! Wauw! I’m known for doing things that are completely out of the box. I mixed the leftovers, as well from the whisky as the gin, vodka and rum. And the taste? Weird, very weird. But it’s something you have to experience yourself when you have the chance. Personally? I won’t do that again …… soon!

Oh, you like to know more about Braunstein? Just hop to their website for more information about their range:



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