The Balblair Twitter Tasting

The Balblair Twitter Tasting was held on Thursday, 2nd of May. Unfortunately I could’t join in that evening.  But lucky for me, I enjoyed the nosing and tasting on the 8th of May …

For this twitter tasting the participants received the Balblair 1975, 1990 and the 1997….a lovely range of whisky, that could surprise me and everyone else who were invited to participate this tasting.

Let’s start with the 1975, 2nd Release. This one surprised me a bit, feeling exotic after the nosing. Banana, mango and even some papaya came up. Very nice.

  • Balblair 1975Color: Light gold
  • Nose: Vanilla, citrus fruit, spicy, exotic hint with banana, mangoes, papayas
  • Taste: Nice and warm, spicy and tingling on the tongue, dry fruit like apple
  • Finish: Medium, tingling that slides down… slowly


Number two is the 1990, Cask 1466. This whisky is different from the 1975, but they also also show similarities, like the spicy part. My nasal passages were cleared directly.

  • Balblair 1990Color: Light gold
  • Nose: Sharp on the nose, peppery. Traces of passion fruit, papaya, nutmeg
  • Taste: Warm, smooth, soft traces of oil, nuts, dried fruit, sultanas, berries
  • Finish: Medium, warm, winterfeeling


The last one is number three. Balblair 1997, 2nd Release. My nose told me this one was more gentler than the other whiskies.

  • Balblair 1997Color: Light gold
  • Nose: Medicinal, fresh fruits, lime, peppery, apple, mandarine, nuts, vanilla, plasters
  • Taste: Tingling, warm, fruitiness, exotic road, pomegranates, traces of iodine
  • Finish: Medium, warm and smooth aftertaste


After some serious nosing and tasting, one of these lovely whiskies made my heart more Boom Boom Boom movements than the other.

For me the winner of this range is the: Balblair 1975, the whisky which gave me an exotic feel from the beginning.



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