The Abbey Whisky Bar, Edinburgh – May Whisky Tasting

This month’s whisky tasting at The Abbey saw a visit from Glenmorangie. Margaux de Blomac, from the owners Moët Hennessy, was joined by Paul from the production team at the distillery.

We started by tasting the trademark ten-year-old Original Glenmorangie. This whisky has changed little in recent years since the distillery was taken over by its current owners. To the nose are the familiar honeyed notes with a hint of almonds and coconut. The palate is treated to what is a mainstream Highland Whisky. Smooth with a light floral fragrance and the merest notes of citrus. Again a sweetness of honey. The finish is warming with a little touch of bitterness. As always an ideal dram to be enjoyed at any time of the day. ABV 40%.

A step up followed as Paul treated us to a dram of “Quinta Ruban.” This whisky has a lovely rich dark red colour. Aged for ten years plus a further two years maturing in port pipes. This giving the expression its appealing shade. The dram clings to the sides of the glass and there is a distinct odour of vanilla. Swallowing the dram you are aware of a rich dark minty chocolate taste. The finish is smooth and powerful with a hint of molasses. An excellent evening whisky!

The third expression was Nectar d’Or. Golden Nectar in Gaelic. This is an unusual but delicious whisky making use of Sauternes wine casks in the maturation process. A light corn coloured whisky with an ABV of 46% and a distinctive honeyed floral nose with traces of almonds and citrus. To the palate, the honey smoothness has tastes of spice, lime and lemon. The finish is both sweet and strong with some spiciness. An interesting whisky which would be perfect for an after meal dram.

The fourth whisky was the Glenmorangie 18-year-old. As expected this is a mainstream Highland whisky. Well matured. A rich burnished shade from spending some of its development in sherry casks. The nose is treated to notes of rich toffee with elements of dried fruit and walnuts. The maturity of the expression is evident when you taste. Strong honey and spice hit the back of the throat and the finish is a rich warming toffee.

We finished an excellent tasting by trying this year’s special offering from the distillery. Spios {Spice}. A pale golden colour of the whisky was matured partly using American oak rye casks. To the nose, there is a playful spiciness with smooth honey and marzipan. Swallowing I could detect elements of mint toffee and chocolate. A soft but assertive finish which warmed my throat! This is an excellent whisky to have on a cold night whilst relaxing in front of a warm log fire.

Written by Greg Dunn (Instagram)



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