Birthstone Whisky Angels Mark Fourth Anniversary for Stirling Giftware Firm

Birthstone Angels

Whisky giftware firm Angels’ Share Glass is marking its fourth anniversary with the launch of a series of birthstone angels.

The Stirling-based family company, founded on April 9, 2013, has created a new version of its signature line of whisky-filled glass angels featuring precious gemstone jewels.

The angels are each holding a real gemstone representing months of the year – Diamond for April, Emerald for May and so on.

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Drink like an Emperor with Tripod Glass


Perfect Glass for Perfect Drinks: Time-honored spirit tasting with antique design glass

Perfect Glass for Perfect Drinks: Time-honored spirit tasting with antique design glass

What does it feel like to drink like an emperor, in ancient era? What kind of secret is hidden in fine whiskies? How should it be appreciated?

Taiwanese deisgn house, U-Cube design, blends ancient Chinese bronze vessel design into modern tasting science, and developed “Tripod Tasting Glass”, adding a touch of exotic aesthetics into classic whisky tasting.

Launched on Kickstarter on September 27th 10AM (EST), early bird backers are guaranteed of delivery for Christmas presents!

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Introducing: Ballantine’s Space Glass

Ballantine's Space GlassBallantine’s, Europe’s No.1 Scotch whisky and the No.2 Scotch whisky in the world, has created the Ballantine’s Space Glass and a Special Batch of Ballantine’s Space Whisky designed for a zero gravity environment as the brand continues to innovate, making a genuine contribution to the space programme.

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The NEAT Glass

A whie ago I received the NEAT glass! The package looks good, nice shape and secured and the glasses are looking very interesting.  Please, do me a favor and keep an eye on this page for I will test this NEAT glass!  With passion, interest and whisky.

I opened the package that  was holding the glasses safe. It took me some work, but two lovely shiny shapes glasses were staring at me with a message, try me, it will be fun.

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