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Photo on 6-5-14 at 9.24 AM #2If you had read part 1 and part 2. You knew there was something in the pocket that had to come out. Here’s the inside of that pocket. The answers will be answered by me!

I just thought by myself, I’m one of those strong international whisky woman.

Describe yourself in 5 words

Creative, Adventurous, Curious, Loving and Mysterious.

What’s your relation with whisky?

I enjoy, nose, drink and write about whisky

Whisky & Women, still a strange combination for a lot of people. What are your feelings about this?

In my view, I don’t think it’s strange. But when I tell people I drink whisky and enjoy it. And even write about the liquid, eyes can grow from small to big very fast. First curious people are surprised but then, they just love it.

Why the passion for whisky and why not beer?

I enjoy beer as much I enjoy whisky. But the thing with whisky is, that the flavor has more to offer.It gives you more variation with flavor and aroma’s. Beer is a drink, that you can drink very fast. But with whisky, you don’t. At least I don’t.

What is your favorite whisky and why?

At this moment, it’s probably Amrut Fusion. It blew me away!

What’s your favorite place to enjoy your favorite whisky?

In the garden for sure. Sitting in a nice chair, watching the sun, listening to the story of the birds in the garden.

Would you like to share one of your whisky stories?

I could, but I won’t for now. Mean aren’t I …

What would your life look like, without the pleasure of whisky?

If I never had a chance to try whisky, I wouldn’t miss it. So the same as now, but without the golden pleasure. But If someone tells me, you can’t have whisky anymore? Hard one. It would be a cold turkey and a bummer. But after a while it would be ok, I think. Until someone offers me a whisky again. Will welcome the glass with open arms.

What would you say to women who say: I tried it once, never again

Let me lead you through some lovely whiskies. Only if you like to go on the adventure again.

It just gives me the itch. Women that are only good for doing laundry in commercials on tv, and meanwhile men are enjoying spirits. Your opinion?

As the question has already been answered the question it gives me the itch. As if women are only good for the household. It’s an old idea from the last century. So way back. We need to make a change, and it goes the right way. I don’t have cable anymore, so I don’t get much itchiness these days.

Some men are confused when a women drinks whisky. What is your answer when a man tells you; Whisky is on this world just for men, women shouldn’t drink whisky.

Men shouldn’t wear trousers. In the old days men were wearing kind of skirts and a lot of jewelry and pink. That my friends, scared a lot of men … specially that they wore pink, not that long ago.

Over the years, women are visiting Whisky Tastings & Festivals more often, but they don’t always feel comfortable being there. What is your golden tip for these women?

Just go. And found out. The whisky festivals are fabulous, but not all the same. There are those you like and those you don’t like,

Without women, no whisky today. Agree?

Agree. Women are the base of whisky. When you look at all those men in hight places, it’s still the women that rule.

There is whisky, but you must have other hobby’s, tell us.

Love to draw, making pictures, walking, enjoying nature, animals, history, culture, etcetera.

If you’d like to respond, it’s ok, not matter you’re male or female.
React for the Effect!

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