Steel Bonnets, a nip of history

Lakes Distillery has done it again, but this time they made an historical whisky, a blend of malt whiskies from England and Scotland, Steel Bonnets.

The name, Steel Bonnets pays homage to the memory of the English and Scottish people who lived in the Border Marches from Berwick-upon-Tweed in the East to Carlisle in the West during the 13th – 17th centuries.

Steel Bonnets is the first cross-border blend of exceptional English and Scotch malt whisky, awarded a GOLD medal in the 2018 Luxury Masters in the Ultra-Premium World Whisky category. Imagine the combination, imagine the adventure Lakes Distillery created for the rest of the world. A glass of whisky full of history, that takes you back in time in the present, imagine.

Steel Bonnets (46.6 %)

  • Color: Light gold
  • Nose: Flowers, oranges, sweet, lavender, stewed apples, peaches, honey, maple, lemon, melon, syrup, tangerine, barley sugar, bubblegum, spring leafs, custard and a hint of caramel / toffee and burned wood
  • Taste: Sweet, lingering, brown warm sugar with hints of custard, citrus, lemon, soft peaches, vanilla, ginger, nutmeg and a complexity of smooth honey satin
  • Finish: Smooth, soft and creamy

The Lakes Distillery Master Whiskymaker, Dhavall Gandhi, said:

“I handpicked the individual malt whiskies to create a unique blend – something that has never been tried before. The whisky, at 46.6% ABV, has a creamy, slightly nutty and full-bodied flavour with notes of vanilla, ginger, nutmeg and hints of dried fruit. All held together with a sweet layer of woodsmoke. A fitting tribute to the history of the Border families.”

Suggestions: just one drop of water makes this whisky so much smoother, it can’t go wrong, even for this well balanced whisky

Visit Lakes Distillery here if you like to know more about their range and history. You can even download the Steel Bonnets history if you are keen to know much, much more.



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