The Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival, part 3

The Fence of Cragganmore Distillery

Drams and Scran at Cragganmore Distillery, what a whisky feast. The entrance of the distillery itself is stunning. An eye-catching area.

Distillery manager Kevin Innes, was going to guide us trough the distillery. He prepared five different expressions of Cragganmore Single Malt, including the 2016 special release with various foods that complement each expression.

But first a tour through the distillery. It was interesting to see every little detail of the distillery. Kevin took the time to tell us everything about Cragganmore Distillery. He is a knowledgeable man, enthusiastic and experienced. It was an honor, that he showed us around.

Whisky & Food

One of the interesting aspects for me were the computers, that is controlling the whole process. Interesting to see how it “watched” the temperature of each still. interesting. The distillery operates 7 days a week to keep up with the high demand, so a computer is a must have in a distillery at this day.

The tasting was held in the luxurious surroundings of the Cragganmore Club Room. An intimate room filled with a long history, old furniture, good whisky and Kevin. A lovely range of whisky with good looking delights, mouthwatering. Every whisky was paired with another delicacy. One delicacy was a combination of feta and an olive, I don’t like olives, but this was perfect.

Next stop, The Glenlivet Distillery

Before attending Angels and Alchemy with Alan Winchester and Brian MacAulay, we enjoyed a light lunch at their local eatery.

Alan Winchester & Brian MacAulay

Angels and Alchemy was going to be live via Facebook livestream. Situated in the famous tasting room, some of the fascinated secrets were shared by the Distillery Master himself. This event also involved a lot of enjoyment for the nose and taste-buds.

Brian and Alan, well attuned to one another, talked enthusiastic about The Glenlivet history and the whisky itself. An amazing get together, with a lot of laughter, jokes, great company and good whisky.

Plan Your Festival. Before you know it, Spirit Of Speyside 2018 is happening!



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