Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival The Macallan Precious Tour

After a good night rest at the Eight Acres Hotel & Leisure Centre in Elgin, I started a new, fresh and exiting day. Mary Hemsworth has invited me to come to the Hub in Dufftown.

From the Hub you could see the Whisky Shop perfectly. Mary and I looked at the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival guide together to make the plans for the day. First stop was a tour at The Macallan Distillery. The bus was leaving just in front of the hub. The driver and I started chatting and before I knew …. I was at the Distillery. There were still houses on site for employees, impressed.

With 3 other whisky enthusiasts, we went inside.  The entrance looks al very modern, but once inside it looked just like a small museum. A lot of art on the walls and a large glass droplet, where special water slides downwards, like a small waterfall.

The HubThe MacallanThe Macallan

This Distillery has a lot of surprises, like a pillar with an image of a scissor… Standing for the Finest Cut. Or what about the huge transparent tube system, with built in test tubes to see and smell the spirit. The distillation of their whisky was explained in great detail, step by step.

After an interesting sightseeing tour, we went back in time …..

A huge cross-section of a tree trunk, was hanging on the wall at the entrance of a exhibition. It was very lovely, with singing birds on the background.  The tour guide was telling us about the historic relationship with Spain, and that the huge tree trunk on the wall came from Galicia.

After a fantastic historic film about the Cooperage, there was the hall of the fragrances. Again the glass droplets, but this time with different kind of fragrances. Think about, fresh fruit, chocolate, appel, citrus, floral, vanilla … hmm lovely.

At the end of this precious tour it was time for a small tasting. 5 lovely filled glasses were waiting to be nosed and taste. The tour guide worked through the whiskies using an interesting presentation. We had te pleasure, to nose and enjoy the Spirit (2 days old), 12yr, 18yr, 21yr and the 25yr Macallan.

Whisky TastingThe Tour GuideThe view

I’m not telling you everything. The only way to experience all of this is by going to The Macallan and enjoy all this beauty the Distillery has to offer …. Don’t tell anyone, but I found it hard to leave this location. A wonderful place to wander, especially the back in time part and the singing birds. I’m lucky that I’ve got a small bottle of Macallan whisky and a jar of country honey with Macallan single malt scotch whisky as a souvenir …

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