The Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival, last part

Neil Ridley & Joel Harrison

After the whisky at Angels and Alchemy at The Glenlivet, it was time to freshen up and have dinner at The Station Hotel, the Tootsbar. I had the best cheeseburger ever that night. Thinking about it again makes hungry again.

Next step was getting back to Glen Moray Distllery where we were getting entertained by Neil Ridley and Joel Harrison. The amazing duo behind Cast Strength Creative. This night they were joined by the Visitor Centre Manager and Brand Ambassador, Lain Allan. Those three could be a comedyteam any time. This night was all about discover the Whisky from the roots, an amazing tasting adventure.

You fell from one tasting adventure into the other. From the influensers rum, port and wine to the result, whisky with Chardonnay finish, Depaz finish, Madeira finish, Sherry cask finish and Port finish, what a race.

Someone has been in a warehouse
(quote from Joel Harrison)

Graham Coull

During a break between the tastings and table cleaning, we joined Graham Coull (Master distiller or Glen Moray) into the still room, where we got the opportunity to try the new make spirit. Give me a break like that more often for Ioved it. Also did the others, some could drink the new make like it was pepsi. You have to enjoy and not overload yourself.

After the break, the tasting was resumed and we were getting even more pleasures than thought. Discovering the influenses, new tastingexperiences and meeting new characters.

Always a pleasure being back at Glen Moray Distilley.

Saturday April 29, the last day, blending in the style of Chivas Regal

The blending table

This start of the day was all about learning about the making and tasting scotch whisky and some before the blending. The tables were set so elegant, it was almost a shame to sit at one, or even shuffle everything on the table. But, what has to be done, has to be done.

John and James Chivas, two brothers, founded the company. And with this event, we were in their footsteps for a time. Lauren Mustard  and James Cordiner got the job to guide us all throught this blending event. It started with a taste of the Strathisla 12yr and other single malts and a grain whisky which we were going to use to make our own blend. I can tell you, it is complex. But, blending the different fluids together in the right proportions, a Whisky Girl blend was born. And my blend, was not bad, not bad at all.

Blending at Strathisla Distillery was amazing, a lovely experience and a lust for the nose and taste buds for they were tested.

The Guinness World Record Attempt at the Speyside Cooperage

I wish I could tell you everything, but unfortunately they started earlier than programmed and we were too late. It was great being there though, meeting old friends and having a look around. We did witnessed the winner, that was stunning and he was pretty fast. David Mackenzie achieve this new Guinness World Record and his time was 3 minutes 3.18 seconds. All the contestants had to build a 190 ltr barrel as fast as they could. Not just building, the barrels had  to be waterproof as well. The craftsmen did their best, but only one could win it he was able to set a new record. And David did, a true craftsman.

And then .. time to go catch the flight home.

Plan Your Festival. Before you know it, Spirit Of Speyside 2018 is happening!



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