Single Minded 2013, A modest guide to really good whisky…

I was very curious about this whisky book. Curious for the whisky and that it’s written by a woman, Johanna Ngoh from Canada who also is part of an executive producer of the Spirit of Toronto Annual Whisky Gala, Canada’s largest whisky show.

This book is a very practical pocketbook, it fits perfectly in any bag. Very nifty when you go out to buy a bottle of whisky. It’s world wide useful, so you can use it wherever you’d like.

A nicely designed, light whisky book. And it travels along in my bag, with the miniature book of Robert Burns poems, without arguing…  (just for the picture …  I don’t have a large handbag…. )


Whether the whisky is Canadian, Scottish, Irish or American, whisky is famous to be the world’s most widely consumed spirit.

The way this particular book is written is inspiring, very readable and enjoyable. Reading about the whiskies in this book is a journey, a journey with a lot of information in a nut shell, your mind will enjoy. It doesn’t matter is you’re in the train, bus or plane, maybe you’re waiting for a friend in a cafe, it is the simplicity of the design that’s refreshing.

Review in short terms:

  • Small
  • 78 pages
  • Nice lettertype
  • Easy to read
  • Quick course about whisky
  • Alphabetically ordered
  • Every Whisky starts with the Style, region, and ABV
  • Problems with pronouncing the name? It’s all there!
  • Room for your own tasting notes
  • Surprising elements

I’m keeping this one in my bag for a while… As the book says: A modest guide to really good whisky…

You can purchase this book here



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