Shipped from Canada

The mysterieus envelope with the answer… which came with the whisky Johanne has sent me …

I’m ready to open this envelope… I’ve did the nosing, tasting …. I think I’m ready! Are you? What is the name of the whisky…. Got shaking hands…

The whisky that Johanne has send me, is the Forty Creek John’s Private Cast No 1.
This one is a prizewinning whisky, with very nice reviews (I’ve been googling)

  • Name: Forty Creek John’s Private Cask No 1
  • Country: Canada
  • Type: Potstill
  • Price per standard amount: € 53,00

So first, a little background of this whisky. John Hall doesn’t make whisky the way most people are making their whisky. John Hall, ferments and distills single grain whiskies, made from barley, rye and corn, and ages each separately before setting them together for a short time in sherry oak prior to bottling and release.

I used my special tulip glass for the nosing and tasting. De nose was exited about the smell. Very fruity and rich, my nose wouldn’t leave my face. Lucky for me, I need my nose. This whisky is new for me, so I sipped carefully….  very carefully.


The taste is nice and warm on the lips and in the mouth, very smooth the warmth slides further. A great whisky to keep you warm in the winter.

After the tasting and lovely nosing…  It was time to judge this whisky!

  • Color: Pure gold
  • Nose: Very fruity and rich
  • Taste: Fresh-cut cedar planks, a strong dollop of rye, orange peel (marmalade)
  • Finish: Very long and warm

I admit, I need to get use to this whisky. The smell is great and lovely, the taste is very warm and tinkling.  I could feel the whisky to quickly in my head. Whether it came through what I ate before, or not.. I don’t know…

I got some whisky saved. So this week once again another nosing and tasting. And off course you will be informed how that went… note: the meal will be adjusted.

Suggestions: Pure.


I give this whisky an 7 out of 10.




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