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“A while ago… well let’s be honest months ago (25.11.16) I said I would write a piece about me for someone. An introduction to Smiley Smoggy. Well as it turns out it’s now an introduction to Sarah – iheartwhisky aka Smiley Smoggy.

So who am I? I’m a 23 year old (on the inside) parcelled up as a 46 year old. But age is just a number isn’t it? I’m always a firm believer that it’s what’s inside that counts. I live in Scotland now and have done since the very early 80’s yet I started off life living in a small town on the coast of North East England, having been born in Middlesbrough. This is where the smoggy part of me comes from. The smiley part? Well it’s better to smile than frown.

So I grew up with parents who either drank whisky (my late father) or made rather yummy homemade wine (my Mum). It was quite a mix of culinary delights in the house a Scottish / Dutch fusion of flavours. I’ll always remember Glenfiddich being Dad’s favourite dram and on occasion I wonder if he’d be pleased with my interest in whisky.

I’m sure he would have been. I’m sure he’d have enjoyed my whisky fudge too.

I’ve written in one of my blogs about my journey through “alcohol”… from Jack Daniels and Rolling Rock to wine that never got finished to deciding not to drink for a number of years. To dabbling in ales and then picking up a Glencairn once more. I guess it’s been an interesting 7 years and counting…from being Miss Jura fan (Aileas) and sampling their wonderful delights to well, where I am today. Festival goer and developing and increasing my whisky palate. Rookie blogger. Whisky fudge maker. Still attempting to get my whisky “wings” or find my feet in the great and intriguing world of whisky.

I think it’s all about confidence. The words; how to describe how the senses are teased and pleasured. The how to describe the experience. The tastes and scents, to the colours and and the way it feels in your mouth. And this is perhaps, or more so definitely something I need to grow. I’m more than happy to accept guidance, direction or encouragement. But the words are mine… Rightly or wrongly. I always speak from my (whisky) heart.

Whisky fudge. Well I started dabbling in that late last year. It’s brought me a huge amount of joy! Someone actually told me that I “sparkle” when I talk about it…a lovely compliment to receive. After all it was only ever going to be a treat for in the house. Wasn’t it? I’ve made and sold it for charities, I’ve dotted lots of i’s and crossed lots of t’s on route. It’s been an interesting journey.

So now I hope to carry on. Learning. Sampling. Making. Selling. Smiling. Laughing. It’s the only way…

Sarah (smiler, trier, giggler, (inadvertent) double entendre expert, lapsed fell walker, hard worker…)

Visit Sarah any time to find out more about her and Whisky Fudge.



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2 thoughts on “Sarah and Whisky Fudge

    • It is a great combination. Fudge and Whisky, you have to get a box, when you have the chance!

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