Säntis 10 yr old

Säntis 10 yr old. Swiss single malt from Säntis, independently bottled by That Boutique-y Whisky Company, a world whisky all the way from Switzerland.

This is the 1st batch of single malt from the Säntis distillery in Appenzell for That Boutique-y Whisky Company.

It carries a unique flavour profile after time spent in ancient beer barrels, and some more time spent in pinot noir wine and bourbon casks.

Säntis 10 yr – 51,4 %

  • Color: Dark Amber
  • Nose: Complex, peaches, burned brown sugar, squeezed lime, mandarin, wild raspberries, coconut sugar, mango, salty edge, red peppers, sweet honey, antique wax, laurel and chocolate muffin with a caramel fudge filling
  • Taste: Hot, warm marmalade, soft peach, chopped walnuts, red peppers, very sticky chocolate covering a sweet honey cake with a filling of caramel
  • Finish: Smooth, warm and long.

Batch 1 is a release of 916 bottles.

Suggestions: In my opinion, there is no need to add a drop of water. It could give you more aroma, but for me straight from the bottle was just perfect.

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