Rob Roy, a King, a Chimney and the Hive

weymessAn evening with good company, batch strength and in a limited edition, 6000 bottles each.

An exciting online whisky tasting with the Hive Batch Strength, Spice King Batch Strength and Peat Chimney Batch Strength bottlings, along with a special smoky old fashioned cocktail, Rob Roy.

We received the order to leave Rob Roy in the chill zone. I kept him next to the cheese and the salad. Rob Roy needed to wait until the sign and when that time came, Rob Roy also was free to pour himself into a glass.

So, Wemyss Malts has released these three new exciting expressions. The batch strength blended malts have been selected and blended with extraordinary casks of single malt whiskies from over 10 Scottish distilleries and each utilize defining signature malts from a specific region of Scotland. Their first three batch strength, limited editions have each been assigned Batch NO.001 Let’s see how they did.

Spicy King (56%)

  • Color: Lovely color
  • Nose: Caramel, buttery, toffee, kitchen spices, pepper, salty, cinnamon, fruity, peach, pear and leather
  • Taste: Sweet, spicy, caramel, buttery, smooth and warn brown sugar and sticky toffee
  • Finish: Warm and lovely

The Hive (54.5%)

  • Color: Fabulous golden
  • Nose: Honey, vanilla, fudge, breakfast cereals, red apples, marzipan, peppery, oranges and sweetness
  • Taste: Warm, tingling, sticky, fudge, warm sugar, oranges and hints of chocolate
  • Finish: Lovely warm

Peat Chimney (57%)

  • Color: Light goldon
  • Nose: Nuts, sugar, dark, peat, a complexity of coconut, sweetness, hints of seaweed and salty
  • Taste: Red chill, hints of lemon and citrus, smoky, peat a complexity of freshness
  • Finish: Nice and lingering

Rob Roy, bottled cocktail

  • Color: Nice dark
  • Nose: Dark fruit, cherries, blue berries, nuts and also maple syrup.
  • Taste: Cherries, strawberries, maple syrup.
  • Finish: Lovely and warm

I was very pleased that Rob Roy was chill enough. This was a fantastic evening with a lot of interaction and a lot of fun. If you would like to know what other twitter tastings are coming in the near future, go to The whisky Wire. When you are curious about the tweets we’ve sent, go here.

Thank you Steve and Wemyss Malts for having me over.



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